Daily Cow Rules Quiz No 1 Answers

Question 1:

Brian is playing in a handicap par competition. Brian scores 5 at the 12th hole which is a par 5 at which he receives a handicap stroke. Brian’s card is returned to the Committee with a score of 4 at the 12th hole. What is the ruling?

Question 2:

Phil’s tee shot clears a water hazard but bounces back into it. He drops the ball on the putting green side of the hazard in an improper manner, and the ball moves when he addresses it. He is informed that he dropped in an improper manner, so he lifts the ball and drops properly. He holes out with three more strokes. As he is leaving the green, someone points out that he may have committed a serious breach of playing from a wrong place. Realising this, he goes back and plays from a correct place as defined by Rule 26-1 and holes out with the second ball with three strokes. What is Phil’s score for the hole?


Question 1: There is no penalty since the recording of the lower score did not affect the result of the hole. Brian would be awarded hole (a “plus”) with either score. ()See Rule 32-2a and decision 32-2a/5).

Question 2: Phil’s score is 8. His tee shot, 1 penalty under Rule 26-1; 1 penalty under Rule 18-2b; 2 penalty strokes under Rule 20-7; and 3 further strokes from the correct place. The penalty under Rule 18-2b is applicable because the ball was in play when it was dropped in an improper manner (Decision 20-2a/4).


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