Sand, glorious sand…

The bunker on the 18th

JAMBEROO golfers who have had to step into a bunker in the past few days will have noticed a strange new sensation – their feet sinking up to their ankles in fluffy white sand.

For some time the Jamberoo bunkers have been less than ideal and this has been due in large part to difficulties in sourcing suitable bunker sand suppliers.

The club now has a new supplier in Sydney and last week a consignment of 33 tonnes of the stuff (The minimum order. Elsewhere it is more) arrived and greens staff managed to have it spread throughout the course’s bunkers prior to the two day veterans tournament.

This new newsletter will be keeping members better informed about happenings around the course, problems being experienced and changes being contemplated.

Greens roller

Another big improvement on the course has been the recent acquisition of a new Greens Roller, which from all comments and feedback has had a very positive affect on the putting surfaces.

The experts say the rollers not only provide a faster, more even surface, but also result in healthier greens with better disease resistance.

Works Compound Sealed

A job that has been on the books for some time at Jamberoo has been the surfacing of the Works Compound and this work was finally completed last month.

Bitumen was also laid on the roadway leading from the carpark to the compound.

This work has not only improved the appearance of the roadway and compound area but will also significantly improve working conditions and output and end long time problems of dust getting into and damaging machinery and other equipment.


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