White Horse Cup team shipwrecked, C Pennants overboard

White Horse Cup Captain Darryl Campbell offers Valentines Day gifts to any hapless team members willing to take to the sodden Shellharbour Links course

JAMBEROO GOLF CLUB’S White Horse Cup Water Polo Squad faced off against St Georges Basin in appalling conditions at Shellharbour Links on Sunday, February 14.

Whilst the driving rain had already caused the cancellation of the B and C Pennant matches scheduled for the Jamberoo course, the White Horse team were clearly made of sterner stuff and did make it onto the paddock.

Unfortunately, as conditions worsened to near torrential rain, their Sanctuary Point dwelling opponents obviously felt more at home with water lapping their ankles and took the matches 4 ½ to 2  ½ .

Jamberoo winners were Brad Martin (6&5) and Steve Jackson (3&1), with Brad Jackson finishing square.

Failing to handle the erratic tidal conditions and strong currents were Tony Rodriguez (5&3 loss), Kim Murphy (2 down) Errol Stubbs (4&3 loss) and Brian O’Hare (5&4loss).

Despite the loss (and from a very dry seat in the Links clubhouse) team captain Darryl Campbell remained upbeat.

“Well done to the guys who endured horrific conditions,” Darryl said.

C Pennant team disappointed

After spending the week preparing for their hugely anticipated grand final rematch against Vincentia, the hyped-up C Pennant team was hugely disappointed to miss out on their season’s only home game.

Sources say the C Pennant members had spent the week attending team bonding sessions, listening to inspirational talks by the captain, participating in strategic planning workshops and even warding off wannabe team groupies, all to have it end in a washout.

Obviously feeling a little water-logged, despondent and time rich, team captain Dave Ransom screwed up his draft victory speech and instead supplied the following.

“Washed out, what can I say except we are rueing the lost home game.  Anyway here is some thoughts…

10 things you can do on a wet golf day—

1. Watch the puddles form.

2. Lay on your stomach in one and scream: “I’m drowning, I’m drowning!”

3. Tell old golf jokes badly.

4. Read a golf magazine and see if you get your golf fill that way for the week.

5. Run around and scream words to ‘Singing in the Rain’.

6. Drink coffee and sip soup.

7. Play with the ducks.

8. Watch the rain fall.

9. Pretend you’re a farmer and hope for more rain.

10. Think about the Pennant washing away with a lost home game.”

Next Sunday (February 21) B Pennants will play St Georges Basin at The Links, C Pennants will mess with Nowra at Moss Vale and with Jamberoo hosting the entire White Horse Cup round, the Jamberoo team will have a bye (They’ll probably need the two weeks to get their gear dry).


Jamberoo’s Jordan Widdicombe obviously found the Shellharbour Links course not too saturated on Saturday when he competed in the first round of the Shellharbour club’s Men’s  Championship*.

The 14 year old scored an eagle on the par 4 10th and a hole in one on the par 3 15th (his fifth) to card one under par off the stick.

Still, that was only good enough for 2nd place, with former Jamberoo member Dave Oppert coming in at 4 under.

(As a junior, Jordan is a member of a number of local clubs.)


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