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WHAT are the best  features of the Jamberoo course/membership/facilities and what would you like to see improved or changed? What new facilities?  And what are you adamant should be left exactly as it is? Read the comments here and join our lively discussion by clicking on the heading or the Comments tag below.

63 thoughts on “Course and Membership Feedback

  1. hi all,
    i liked the removal of the trees on the practice fairway to open it up and the plan to introduce distance markers. Something the board could consider is constructing a practice tee in the area between the creek and the greens compound. i.e elevated tee mown as fairway, extending the length of the practice fairway. Also the club might consider building a chipping green in the area where the green staff currently have a big pile of timber 🙂 This would allow members to practice chipping a variety of shots off different lies (not just rough, as is the case around the putting green) and won’t have to worry about an ill directed shot doing through a car window!
    The course is continually improving which is good to see, especially with the introduction of the greens roller. Keep up the good work fellas 😀

    1. Hi all, just want to say – been a member for 18 months, and am STILL absolutely disgusted with the attitude of some members resgarding round times!! Week before last in the medal 5 and a quarter hours !! _ total BS !! We were kept waiting on every shot, having teed off at 9.15 – but, IF you take your glove off between shots, put it on 10 metres before you reach your ball! IF you play te course every week, why does it take 45 seconds to select your club? WHY do you you need 19 practice swings ???? Jeezuz? get a routine, shorten it, then stick to it! Have to say last Saturday we (as a 3 ball) were following a 4 ball of ladies – they were fantastique! We struggles to keep up with them! – never waited on a shot – the way golf should be! TOO many members at Jamberoo think they are competing in the Aussie PGA – and despite my recent problems, they are usually crap! So, in my opinion, we need a volunteer to recrd time in, and time out times – don’t let the groups recrd own times – they don’t do it or lie!! Major prolem is the 7.30 to 9.00 tee times – – tee off at 7 you get round in under 4 hours, tee off at 8 it’s 4.5 hours or more. So, sould the slow groups please tee off at 11 ??

      I HATE SLOW PLAY – and in 18 months have NEVER seen the following group called through – despite being over a hole behind!! So, IF you are a guilty one, you will never admit t!! Will be monitoring next 2 months, and if it does not improve, then I will just join Gerringong! NOT impressed wit the Jamberoo membership – sorry, but pull your finger out, or tee off late, or just get off the course!! Noel

    2. Just like to say, if the idiots who think 5 hours acceptable – then sod them, will join Gerringong. Some control on tee times and finishes needs to be imposed – if I am out there for more than 5 hous again, then I will simply join Gerringong! At least they have players who consider their fellow members – doesn’t happen at Jamberoo! Noel

    3. Jarryd, my issue not with the course, it is with the membership – have decided – WILL NOT join next year, because of the crap attitiude of existing members to speed of play. Good luck – yo should join a better course/membership. Just think Jammberoo too mny nice guys who think slow play is acceptable – it isn’t!! Gerringong here I come – and have played my last monthly medal here – wont be there today or next 2 months – 5 – 6 hours in THIS heat?? NO WAY!

    4. Have to say also, have had many comments on women playing in the medal – you know, have NOT been held up by women anytime- 4 weeks ago had a fourball of women in front – we RAN to keep up with them-however, the monthly medal is a men’s comp, so why are they out there? I, personally have no problem. wish had 4 goups of lady golfers in front of me, rather than old farts in caravan parks!! Ladies muh faster, hit muc straighter -n jusr something riased by 2 playing prtners 2 weeks ago – AND THEY were slow!! Glove off, 19 pratice swimgs – hey uys, get YOUR ACT TOGETHER- Don’t blame the women, take a look at yourselves!!@!!! ie Pull your fingert out or book a later tee time!!! You KNOW who you are, so just get off the course till later in the day! I won’t ever play a monthly medal again, whether game good or bad – too many idiots on the course!! Noel

      1. The monthly medal is also for the ladies. They have full membership rights at Jamberoo and are fully entitled to be playing on the medal day. Some of our lady members elect for the Saturday round to count as their medal round. If some of our male members have a problem with this, then it’s time they moved into this century.
        Slow play is selfish play. If a ball is lost, then the following group should be called through.

    5. Hi guys, do NOT use this site ! The idiots who who host it pulished both my email AND password!!! Bunch of winkers! This is my last posting EVER =- tee off 7.30 – 9.30 then pull your finger out cause you are SO SLOW!! See ya- it’s Gerri gong for me next year! N

  2. I would like to see the grass cut shorter on the 17th in the area in front of the palm tree between the 16th and 17th fairway. This would encourage the big hitters from the 17th tee to aim for this area, rather than down the 16th fairway. I feel that it would be a reward for a good shot and help in the safety of our our course.

  3. I commend the committee on their commitment to continually improve the playing conditions and the amenities for the members. I would please request that the tree on the 17th be trimmed on the green side to allow golfers to play from the fairway directly to the flag when it is located in the back of the green. At the moment this tree is causing golfers to deliberately play down the 16th fairway. This is very dangerous as the 16th fairway is obscured from the 17th tee and several near misses have occurred recently from people playing down the 16th taking the overhanging tree out of play. Thanks.

  4. Here is another suggested improvement. Resize the lake on the 7th so that it comes to the front of the green. This would improve the hole, making it visually more intimidating. The hole only measures about 118 metres so most golfers shouldn’t struggle with the added carry.

  5. On a negative side, I wonder if some of the greens need redraining. Despite the rolling the greens are still too soft and chop up easily. This is especially the case in the afternoons when the only way to make putts is to ‘bang them in’, instead of the ideal way of letting them roll towards the hole.

  6. Loretta Green’s suggestion about mowing the grass in front of the palm on the 17th is a very good idea. It would encourage big hitters to aim in this area rather than down the 16th thus making it safer. PG (Phil Green I assume) makes a valid comment about aiming to the front of the 17th green (not the centre as this is also obscured) when hitting from the right side of the 17th fairway. I can see the beauty of forcing a left to right shot into a green and have no issues with this concept. The longer hitters shouldn’t have any problems anyway with the tree in question as they are usually only hitting a wedge and can easily clear the overhanging branches when the pin is at the back of the green. It is the people like myself who often need to hit a 5(or more) iron into this green that have a problem. It is very hard to hit these clubs high enough to clear the overhanging branches. You cannot go down the left side of the fairway off the tee because of the trees there. Your only option is to play to the right bringing the left to right shot into play if you want to get it on the green. There is not much of a lay up area either, and I doubt the 150 metre marker is accurate anyway, causing many people to miss-judge the distance. Of course you can just hit it down 16, but this is very dangerous. I don’t believe in rewarding mediocre play. Hitting down the 16th is just that. I encourage you to just trim the tree, thus making it fairer for the average golfer, but not taking away the characteristic forced shot and beauty of the hole.

  7. Can’t stop writing. Well done Brian. The daily cow is a great idea and an ideal forum to gather and express opinions, and to deseminate current affairs and interesting tidbits about the club and its members. Well done.

  8. Hi Guys,
    Should we shape the 17th hole in the same manner as the 5th with a quick dog-leg it would be a very interesting hole.
    The 16th can be protected by extensive tree, grass or shrub plantings along the current fairway borders of 16th /17th. this leaves a necessary straight shot to the right hand side of the 17th fairway towards the old 17th green. Protection of the Tee complexes in this area can again be acheived with plantings and the trees that currently make this hole more of a challange than needed could be trimmed at about one inch above the ground. Thus providing a safe interesting, dog leg hole that protects the 16th . Threee dimensional hazards should be avaoided .

  9. By definition, a hazard is any bunker or water hazard. I thought they were three dimensional. So yes, you should try to avoid such hazards on the course. As for trees, they are not hazards. Some might consider them a nuisance and be frustrated by them, but that’s golf. Not every course should be a links style course. There are some parkland style courses that pose their own challenges, and as the various trees on our course have grown, so our course has developed into a more interesting course to play.

  10. If the course is too easy to play, then it becomes less challenging and therefore less interesting. If it becomes too easy we will lose members who enjoy the challenge that our little course presents.

  11. It is disturbing that club members admit they put other players Safety at risk by deliberatlely playing the wrong fairway to avoid hazzards that they cannot overcome. We as club players have handicaps that we should use to cater for course difficulties and which the handicaps are intended for. Previous comments of puting the 16th fairway out of bounds and penalise those who are inconsiderate and are deliberate in their actions. Another action would be to move the teebox in front of the dam at the 17th, this would make it difficult to hit over the trees guarding the 16th fairway, use the higher teebox on Medal and Championship days only. As stated, the annoying gum will grow in time and may prevent access to the green, when this happens, it may require its removal which will bring on another annoying and frustating hazzard open for discussion with the request for its leniency toward the club golfer.

  12. Most hits down the 16th fairway while playing the 17th occur due to mishits, snap hooks or other mistakes. Remember to call out ‘fore’ to minimise the risk of hitting somebody. Don’t cut the grass short in front of the palm trees. The longer hitters don’t need this advantage. In fact grow it longer to make the hole harder for the average player. There are far to many 4 pointers being scored on this hole.

  13. Now for my last comment on this issue. (Do I hear a collective shout of “thank God”!) Let the tree grow. Soon it will be tall enough to allow shots under its branches anyway. Also look closely at the roots growing into the drain in front of the green. A good wind will probably blow it over anyway. I hope nobody is around when this happens.

  14. If we are looking for last words, let me give you a few from Tom Doak an internationally renown golf architecet, on vegitation as a hazard, from his book “The anatomy of a Golf Course”.
    “Trees 3 dimensional presence has a greater impact on the errant golfer than any other hazard”
    “the only cirtainty is that if a treee is ideally suited to the stratagy of a hole today, it will have too much influence in 20 years time”
    ” Club members tend to become sentimentally attached to trees regardless of their position on a golf hole”
    “… trees can be the bane of the average golfer , because their 3 dimensional presence influences the trajectory of all shots passing by, and the rules of golf offer no releif”
    “Where trees are too close to the landing area, the difference between having a clear shot to the greeen or no shot at all rests heavily oin the matter of luck”
    “A tree in a doubtful position eventually has to be removed and it is prudent to complete the task before it becomes a matter of club polotics”
    “Committees shouuld be warned against planting any tree within 40 yards of the line to a hole, since such treees may influence the line of play and conflict with the stratagy suggested by the other hazards.”
    There are about 10 pages devoted to this subjuct in Doaks book. It is worth a read if only for those pages.

    1. Tom Doak also says that trees can be used as a strategic hazard, and that some holes would be without interest if the trees are lost. I would classify both the 6th and 17th as such holes. It is the challenge of the shot into the green that makes both these holes interesting. When you par either of these holes, there is a sense of satisfaction. Remove the trees and the holes become dull and uninteresting. And that’s from someone who is currently off a 24 handicap.

  15. Please??? The continued whinging r.e the 17th tree screams of hyprocricy, do we as a club have to pursue avenues of decreasing the difficulty of the course. Any claim that the inability to “go” for the flag causes a hazard with shots being played down the 16th fairway; ignores the blatently similiar situation between the 14th &15th fairways. “A” graders WILL continue to be turned away if the current mantra of favouring higher handicapers is kept; with removing the tree only decreasing the diificulty of the hole. Any improvements to the course should be focused on the alarmingly obvious harmatia of the club being the current setup of a par67. An example recommendation is to move the 14th tee back to the left of the 13th green; converting the hole to a par5; whilst also mitigating the current problem of teeshots landing on & around the 15th tee box.

  16. The ACR of 65 is the biggest hurdle to our low markers maintaining their handicaps. Hence the need to make holes difficult for these players prior to the course being re-rated for the new handicap system. There is no “mantra” of favouring higher handicappers. The whole idea is to get the ACR as close to par as possible. Once all the different facets of the new handicapping system come into effect, the slope ratings will reflect the difficulty of the course for the different handicaps.

  17. i am a big fan of the idea of moving the 14th tee behind 13 green making it a par 5. would be a challening par 5 yet yielding birdies if played well. Also it makes 15 tee much safer as it would become out of reach for most golfers from the new tee location. And any change which increases the par is a good one

  18. Hearing a lot about the reasons we have so few single figure golfers. All of them are wrong except PG. The course is much harder than its rating suggests. Even so called easy holes have bogey in them and birdies are still hard to get. With the rating lower than par it is very hard for low handicapers to shoot under their handicap. If they wish to maintain or lower their handicap they seem to play at other courses where the rating is equal or above par.
    As for the 14th tee, move it back but lets keep it as a par 4. We don’t want to change a hard 4 for an easy 5.

  19. And well done to all the single figure golfers who have stayed as members. You are extremely talented players with a lot of ability.

  20. Yes, Dave. They ARE talented and if they have stayed with us, they are also LOYAL. The length of our course makes it difficult to get the course rating up to par. However, the USGA rating system does take more into account than purely length. Width of landing zones for scratch golfers, whether there are forced lay-ups, length of rough, prevailing winds are all factors which can influence the course rating. One of the holes which was a cause of the rating being lower than par under the old system is the 5th, because it was only rated as the equivalent of a par 3 hole under the old rating system.
    One of the difficulties we face as a club is the lack of land we have available to us. Do members of the club want the club to go into debt to try to purchase suitable land for expansion? Would Council allow us to develop rural land? If the club were to purchase land, would members be prepared to pay increased fees? Or are we content to have our little course and to develop it as far as we can? These are the sorts of questions that we need to consider as a club. The board is here to provide leadership and direction, but only in accord with the wishes of the members.

  21. just a comment on the 14 as a par 5, if the tee was put back, the water right of the green could be extended around the front of the green. This would create a great risk and reward hole for the longer hitters while for the higher handicapers the hazard would probably not come into play i.e a forced layup. who knows a dam short of 12 also could really change how the hole is played…

  22. also liked to say how good the practice ground is coming along. a couple of options the board could concider to further improve it would be to level out the tee area and cut it to fairway length.

  23. Good idea Jarryd. Here is some other information to ponder. Yesterday I measured the distance from the side of the 13th green to the front of the 14th green . It was 411 metres. To be a par 5 you would still need to add further distance. I like the idea of the lake in front of the green though. Well worth consideration by our board.

  24. i know 411 is too short for a 5, i wonder if the board could concider approaching the owner of the adjacent cow paddocks and negotiate purchasing a small portion of the land behind the 13th green to put the tee, this would create a par 5 that dispice being still short, forces a left to right shot off the tee and with the water short, would be a great hole…

  25. I noticed the best gross scores in the open were a highly credible 69 ( but still 4 over the course rating). Further evidence that our little course is hard for the scratch players to master. I hope Phil is correct and our rating will go up when it is re-rated under the new handicap scheme.

  26. While I’m at it and as this forum requests some ideas for change, what about this? As the 5th loses a shot off our rating, lets make it a par three. All we would need is to clear a few trees on the corner to give golfers a look at the green. There would be plenty of room to lay up and try and get par with a good pitch and putt for those who can’t make the 200m distance (or is it less in a straight line?). With the 14th becoming a par five our par would remain 67 but the rating might move to 67 as well. I know it is controversial so lets hear some comments on this.

  27. Not a bad idea regarding 5th into par 3, however the distance is more closer to 220-230 m which is maybe a tad too long for a par3. The current set-up allows a birdie if played well, whereas realistically the conversion to par3 would take away any birdie opportunities.

  28. Yes, you are probably right there. What about this then? Move the green to the left of its current position, where the used to be a nursery green. Then realine the creek to pass in front of the new green (or make a pond). Finally bring back the 6th tee to the right edge of the old green, You may have to raise this teeing ground (similarly to the 2nd tee at the Liverpool golf club in Sydney).

  29. Hi Guys,
    It is the course that gets me back, not the rating. So for me ratings are a side issue.
    Regarding the 5th. I see t his as one of the most enticing holes on the course. . On my best days I like to play a fade down the middle and onto the green. I have never made the eagle but birdies do ensure. However on a stroke day I did record a 10, so there are consedquences.
    If you do not want to go for the green, a long straight hit of about 190 m stops you short of the creek at the end of the fairway and gives you the chance to hit parrallel with the road to avoid the O/B. If you are too long with t his shot the bunker saves you from another O/B.
    I think the hookers haave a slight advantage from the TEE where they find the trees (OH THOSE TREES) at the 9th TEE. The slicers either find the trees just off the TEE or short of the bridge. Suggestions from the slicers indicate some trimming of the trreees on the Left off the TEE to accommodate them.
    Most aspects of this hole could be preserved in a par 3 by putting the green closer to the TEE on the same side of the creek as it is.
    If this were done the 6th TEE could go right bak to the neighbours fence. This would leave the fairway bunkers at about 180-200 m from the TEE which is where they ought to be and leave the green protected by a creek at the back, at the front and at the side. It also has an element of O/B. I have noticed a few trees in front of the green a couple of times. With a lengthening of the hole they may be more noticable and interesting for those who like their approach to greens obscured by trees.

  30. just on the 5th, on a personal note i like the current set up of the hole, despite the length it’s probably one of the hardest greens on the course to hit, coming in with a lob wedge you still only have a small area to land in, too short it rolls back off the front, and too long your over the back. We allready have 1 tough par 3 in 15 and 5 can get you a 3 or a 10. Those sort of holes are usually the best ones. On a safety note moving the green up towards the tee presents the problem of stray balls hitting houses (yes including my own!) At present the trees, which would have to be removed, currently protect them.

  31. Again I agree. The 5th hole is already a fine hole, unique to the Illawarra, but could we make it better? Often short par 4’s occur on the first hole on championship courses (like at The Lakes, NSW and Royal Sydney). Perhaps it could be made the first hole in a re-routing of the front nine? My new order would be 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 followed by the present 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Any comments on this?

    1. I think this is worth considering, also the new 9th hole would be the old 4th which would allow more business at the club house for food and drinks.

  32. hi to everyone don’t understand too much about ratings and all that stuff. i just look forward to playing golf on saturdays with my mates after a hard week at work. love the course, its the only club i can afford to be a member, the ground staff do a great job .

  33. I like your attitude Mick. I also think the ground staff do a great job. The course condition at the moment has more to do with the weather we have had over the last few weeks (i.e. plenty of rain). I like the corner down at the 13th green/ 14th tee. When the golf’s not so good, at least there’s a fantastic view over to the escarpemnt.

  34. Thanks Mick for reminding us of why we play at Jamberoo. No wonder you are the face of the club (although I think the Julia jibes are a bit rich). Yes and I agree about the great job the green staff have done with the greens. They are 1000% improved on the soft pieces of putty we had last year. I look forward to the weekend to share some quality golf time with my mates as well.

  35. Two recent visitors to the course couldn’t believe the improvements carried out in the last 4 years. They asked that their praise be conveyed to the ground staff and board.

  36. Ok, my first posting –
    issue one – repairing of pitch marks on greens – ASK THE GREENKEEPER -DO NOT USE the toe of your puter – it kills and bruises the roots, just develops into a brown mark – C’mon, show some sense and repair them properly!
    Speed of Play- maybe anyone who takes more than 4 hours on this relatively short course should join Calderwood! Jeezuz- 5 hours 35 minutes 3 Saturdays ago – This course in a Medal is 3 hous 40 tops – DONT have lunch between 9th and 10th tees – Witnessed a 4 ball 5 weeks ago doing their scorecards on 10th tee – group in front were putting out on tenth. If you cannot keep up, call through!

    Etiquete- many tees and greens close together – keep the noise down guys n gals ! – Unfair to other players – ie Clubhouse and first, 1st and 5th, 3rd grren and 4th tee, 6th green and 7th tee, 7th green, 8th tee etc etc etc – consider your fellow competitors, and keep the noise down!

    Comments might sound derogatory, but maybe some members need a kick in the butt!

  37. “Don’t sell the farm”, or so the saying goes. Lets improve on what we have got. Maybe add some bunkers, trim a few branches (especially on the 17th) but don’t change one of the best par 4’s in the Illawarra into an easy par 5, even if you extend the tee back to the river. Has anybody else thought about rerouting the front nine with the 5th becoming the 1st? There are several advantages both fiscal (as more players would stop at the golf shop at halfway) and golfwise. Remember once you sell something you can’t get it back. Cheers.

  38. Hmm, no replies to my last comments. Well, speed of play still a major issue. Last Saturday’s medal was a joke – I DON’T want to be out on the course for 5 hours plus! If you weant to bring friends, partners, non- regular golfers, try Saturday afternoon – not in the middle of a monthly medal! If you cannot keep up, call through. Also played on the Thursday afternoon following the Junior Club Championship – totally disgusted – AT LEAST 12 unrepaired or badly repaired pitch marks on every green! So, juniors, do you not feel obligated to repair your pitch marks?? C’mon, get your act together, please – it is your course, too!!!
    Now for something positive – the guys n gals in the shop do a fantastic (unpaid) job – thank you! And the course looks fantastic after some pretty rubbish weather – great job and well done to the greenkeeping staff.


  39. Noel, get in the zone and block out the outside noises man!! Seriously you have brought up a good point, members should show more respect for their course and their fellow members and fix those divot holes the way that is shown in an earlier posting. Tapping down scuff marks would also be a worthwhile thing for members to consider as well. As for talking loudly and forgetting the proximity of others, it seems that this is just another sign of our society. It is ‘all about me’. I hope your words will remind others to be courteous and think about others for a change. Cheers.

  40. 48 and several 46 individual points scored in the comp Saturday 30th October. Sadly this is becoming a regular occurence. What next a 50? The problem is our greens are too slow and soft . The speed and firmness need to be increased to a level similar to that of the mens club championship, to make putting and chipping require more skill and thus be more of a challenge.

  41. Hi Dave, think a 50 plus on the cards – but not sure the greens the problem. Am the first to admit that I go killing snakes when chipping – over the last few months have noticed almost ALL the areas around every green make it possible to use a putter from almost anywhere round most greens! So, maybe the answer is to have a double crescent (in reverse) in front of each green – to stop everyone running the ball up along the ground. ie the widest parts of the 2 crescents directly in front of the green, tapering away left and right. Sand bunkers expensive to build and maintain, so maybe a few more grass bunkers in the natural hollows of the course.(maybe around 200-220 on the 2nd) – 200 on 12th) 160 ish on 5th, etc – cheap to build and maintain! Have been comments on 17th – why not a row of out of bounds markers just inside the tree line on the 17th ?- applying to 17th only – although it could also apply to 16th as well. Saw this a lot in the UK – and it works – you won’t see many tee shots down the 16th from 17th tee then! (although I don’t see a problem anyway – maybe the big hitters should be hitting 3 iron, 5 wood, leaving them 110-130 to the pin – more challenging than a lob wedge! ie grow the grass long around the palm trees. (you hit it in there, you get it out!) This course is short by anybody’s standards, and playing well it’s a doddle – playing badly as I mostly do it’s a nightmare! BUT- give those playing below their handicap a bit more to think about! Grow the grass around the greens, put in the crescnts, put some grass bunkers in strategic positions, and kic the bandits in the bum! Noel

  42. Yes Noel, the course is playing very easy for all of us hackers. Although it seems pretty hard to get your handicap down with the new handicap system. This is leading to the present mammoth scores. Is anybody really enjoying shooting these scores? Don’t you think that people would prefer to have to play well to get 42 points rather than just let the handicap get them for you? I agree we have to do something to make it more difficult around the greens. We definitely need more fairway and green side bunkering but this is way beyond our means. So I suggest that we grow the grass long all around the greens (similar to the American golf courses we see on TV) and use grass bunkering on the fairways as you suggest. As for the 17th, don’t worry. The trees in front of the green make it hard to play down 16. I have tried it. I either hit the trees or pop in straight in the creek beside the green. Cheers.

  43. Hi Guys,
    I would like to draw attention to the committee to a dramatic incident on the 16th last Sat during the Monthly Medal. Whilst trying to negotiate the new causway over the canal behind the 15th green I was impeded by my opponents heels and buggy. Not wanting to cause damage or loss of dignity to them I took evasive action that resulted in my clubs and buggy ending up in the canal with resultant loss of playing time.
    I refrained from imposing the penalties outlined in Rule 42 at the time,but now , on reflection realise that the problem can be squarely placed before the committee.
    Luckily, no one was impacted by drives off the 15th or 17th Tees whilst the rescue efforts were in progress.
    It seems obvious that all causeway entry and exits should be protected by a one meter fence extending six meters back from the current entry, exits as the congestion there can be quite horrific at times and I look foreward to seeing this implemented on all causeways in the near future.
    The facts that my mobile phone and my lazer distance finder are no longer functioning and that my recently acquired (Golf Shop) NavigatorGPS buggy has lost its intelligence are side issues in the appeal for greater safety features on our great course.

  44. hi all, just a couple of suggestions. First is the greens. the roller has made a significant inprovement however by the standard of some courses in the illawarra, most notably shellharbour and portkembla, they are very soft and very long. I am aware our greens have a clay base, making firm slick greens difficult, but the board might concider cutting them a bit shorter as well as rolling them. This favours the better putter as a ball hit on line will go in opposed to at times being complete guess work! Here’s some more food for thought for the board. currently the first and 18’s for the majority of the club is a lay up off the tee, leaving a fairway wood into both greens, esscentially making them par 5’s. for those that have the length to fly the creeks, it’s a short (and relatively easy) 100 metre shot into the green. if we moved the tee back (and i am aware this would produce some safety issues to be overcome) it would make the creek near imposible to carry. this would force everyone to hit that daunting 180+ shot into the green and the par could be made 5 for both holes, increasing the par for the course. and i don’t believe this would make the course rating change much…when i make 4 on 1 or 18 it feels like a birdie!

  45. OK, I KNOW I have pissed people off – I TRULY DO NOT CARE. So speed up or get out! If I tee off before 8 am, the round is 4 hours, more or less, – stableford, stroke, doesn’t matter – the problem at Jamberoo lies in the groups who play 8 to 9.30 – they have NO IDEA of how to get round a course in a reasonable time – anything over 4.30 on this course is a joke – and they are a joke every week- maybe they should tee off at 11? As I said, no apologies – I will not play in a stroke play event – today included – because there are groups out there who think they own the course – any group over 4 hours 20 mins in ANY event should be penalised 2 shots – it is bad etiquette and they should be punished! Am NOT going to bang on about it – simply going to play elsewhere – as it will not change where there are no penalties involved – so in May, I am going to Gerringong or maybe the Grange – love MOST of the people, love the course, and it hurts me to do it, BUT if the committee not obligated to speeding up play, then I will just play elsewhere! njoy our 5 hour plus mdal rounds guys n gals – but I am glad to be out of them! N

  46. Final posting – know a few guys at Jamberoo – people I knew before the course was built – but it seems to me the tail now wagging the dog! -Anyway, it doesn’t matter now – absolutely peed off with the lack of respect and basic etiquette that exists from some factions of the membership – a much better system is to have a cutoff for tee times, and then have a draw for your time. As it stands cliques exist – and I know from experience if cliques exist, they think they own the club and cause problems. So, I definitely will not be joining this year – I will go elsewhere, because the speed of play is a joke here- to the degree that even repairing divot marks and pitch marks has become somebody else’s problem at times. Look, many great people at this club – but I really think there are factions here who are killing the club. So sorry if I have offended – but also believe if people do not speak their minds then nothing changes! I truly hope that strong management emerges in the future, because Jamberoo can be a great club – but it’s not for me now – whether playing well or badly – too many players who think ME is the most important word in their world. (and they never give any credence or respect to those who give up their time and skills voluntarily to keep it running as well as it does!)

  47. twice now i have been unfortunate enough to land my tee shot on the right side of the 9th green.on both occasions the chip shot that i wanted to play had a foot golf hole exactly where i wanted to land or “PUTT”my we not have lids to cover this hole at least on comp days??am i the only one who has had this problem??

  48. We do have covers but I dont think you would want to land a ball on them. I believe you have the right to a free drop if your line is interferred by the footgolf holes. Thanks for pointing this out—Footgolf wants to work with the golfers .

  49. The dress code is surely down to the starter.He should refuse entry to anyone not conforming and check their shoe studs

    1. Brian, could you repost your comment in the latest item. I want members to see it. It is hidden here!

      1. Brian I agree. There does need to be a follow up on dress code as there is a sign near the first tee which defines our dress code. I will mention it at the next board meeting, and see what is the best way to approach it.

  50. G’Day, Of course BRIAN is absolutely right, the starter it the man in charge of the course. In peoples dress code to where they tee off from, but the starter has a problem! does he turn people away because of their dress, & their associated money? or take the cash, & let the devil take the high road? What does the board want? money or protocol? Let the starter know where they stand! it,s a tough enough job as it is. While I am at it,let me say there needs to be some collaboration between the VETS, & the ground staff. the first group of VETS are hitting off when the ground staff are signing in, now the ground staff are flat strap trying to get in front of them to prepare the course for competition. I suggest that the staff get half an hour start on the field.
    Regards LEW FULLER. 663.

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