Strange creature seen high up golf course tree

Pat Lawrence up the notorious 12th hole sheoak without a club......the expected mother lode of golf balls didn't happen


WELL-KNOWN Jamberoo Golf Club member, local personality and infamous Trivial Pursuiit champion Pat Lawrence recently endured a confidence-draining experience on the treacherous 12th hole.

Pat likes to end all rounds exactly as he starts them, with his handicap, number of balls (and even tees!) unchanged.

His regular playing partners are often called to assist in the search for a misplaced tee or to retrieve a ball concealed in long grass or under deep water.

During a recent competition round Pat’s drive from the 12th tee veered rightwards and was followed by the ominous sound of all striking wood, but no sign of a rebound.

He was convinced by his partners that the ball had lodged in the tree and persuaded that retrieval would be a simple exercise.

As you can see from the accompanying photo, Pat took the task seriously but sad to report, was unsuccessful in his quest.

Anyone finding an old battered Srixon 4 scarred by a series of deep cuts in the vicinity of that tree are asked to hand it in to the clubhouse for collection by its (still distraught) owner”

Text and photo courtesy of Peter Saunders


One thought on “Strange creature seen high up golf course tree

  1. ATTENTION LADIES – TAKE NOTE OF THOSE SEXY LEGS! Alas, this is my best side…

    As I am a nature lover, I was investigating the condition of the tree because I believe that it was in the wrong spot on the golf course. Unfortunately, after undergoing my expert observation, the tree looked to be quite healthy. Sad to say, the tree’s innards yielded no golf ball, so I became terribly upset which buggered the rest of my game..

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