C Pennant wins “The Battle for the Cup”

C Pennant Report Round 2,  20/2/2011 at Jamberoo

It has been a year since our last battle with Kiama for the “Town and Country Cup”, where Jamberoo felt the bitter taste of defeat.

Secret plans have been devised and debated at length in the past months. Multiple team practice sessions were held throughout January. Different team combinations tried and tested. In short, we were desperate to win back the trophy.

I am pleased to report that we were successful winning the Cup 5 matches to 2.

It seems like an easy win but it was nothing of the sort with 4 matches ending on the last hole and 1 on the 17th. Our latte-drinking town cousins put up a solid defence but were overcome in the end by some determined play.

As predicted the large crowd in attendance were entertained by the ‘pup’ (Warwick Miller) and the ‘cougar’ (Tom Zimmerman) who showed no mercy, winning their matches 6/4 and 7/5 respectively. Warren Joannou played a highly intelligent match against his big-hitting rival at number 1,winning 2 up. I was a bit concerned at one stage where Warren decided to take off his shirt and expose his healthy body. Several female (and 2 male) gallery members swooned at the sight (or was it blinded by the flash of white?). Well played Warren, it was a very important victory for the team.

Alex,’Billy’, Hemmings played an excellent match winning 2/1, again playing great golf to win from behind.

Scott Hemmings was up against a gritty opponent who kept Scott honest the whole way. Scott played a brilliant last hole to win on the 18th.

Ken Baker and Paul Hemmings were not so fortunate both losing on the 18th green despite fine efforts against capable opponents. KB informs me that it is the first pennant match he has ever lost at home, but I am sure he will overcome the trauma and be ready to win next week at St Georges Basin.

Yours in golf,

Dave Ransom


2 thoughts on “C Pennant wins “The Battle for the Cup”

  1. Alas, it is of course Scott Hainsworth who won both the 17th and 18th holes to secure the win for Jamberoo in his first pennant match for the club. Scott played an excellent match under prerssure the whole way. I understand, however, that naturally everybody would like to be a Hemmings and play golf every day!

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