Clampett rushed back into White Horse Cup team

Former White Horse Cup captain Darryl Clampett honing his short game at Jamberoo last week

AXED former captain Darryl Clampett is highly likely to be rushed back into the Jamberoo White Horse Cup playing squad after a dismal team performance against Sussex Inlet on Sunday.

Clampett (pictured left) was officially “rested” after his personal 6&5 drubbing in the first round (won by Jamberoo 6&1), but without him the team only managed one win from seven matches against the competition front runners at Russell Vale.

Team members were reported to be unimpressed by the pre-match pep talk from new captain Tony Rodriguez.

“It might have been lengthy and quite dramatic but we felt it lacked real conviction,” one team member confided.

“The whole thing of painting half your face blue and riding up and down shouting ‘they can take our lives, but they can’t take our freedom’ has all been done before,” the team member said.

“We’re just amazed they let him bring a horse onto the course. Lord knows where he got it from.”

Sussex Inlet were undefeated after two rounds of the cup and inflicted a similar 6&1 pasting on The Grange last week.

“I knew we were going to get flogged today,” a less than enthusiastic sounding Rodriguez said after the match. “I’m just surprised we didn’t lose seven nil.”

With a bye next week, Rodriguez will have plenty of time to work on team selection, positive match strategy, and a badly needed new pre-game inspirational routine.

John Anthony’s 1 up win was the only positive to come out of the match, though all the losses were reasonably close.

Rodriguez lost 2 down, Errol Stubbs lost 3&1, Brian O’Hare lots 3&1, Brad Jackson and Steve Robertson both lost 1 down, while Steve Jackson went down 4&2.


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