Historic handover of Town and Country Cup

Phil Green accepts the magnificent Town and Country Cup from Steve Oppert

GROWN men wept, women swooned and scores of babies were renamed at the historic handover of the coveted Town and Country Cup to officials at Jamberoo Golf Club recently.

The Town and Country Cup has a long and proud tradition, stretching back almost two years, and symbolises ultimate dominance in the golfing world.

In particular, it pertains to that part of the golfing world that is concerned with the annual challenge between Jamberoo and Kiama C Pennant teams.

Such is the fierce rivalry between these two camps, two years ago it was deemed appropriate that a substantial trophy matching the stature of the encounter be procured and presented to the winner.

Thanks to the generosity of sponsors Steve and Gayle Oppert of Oaks Automate such a cup became existent.

The grand plan only went awry – to some at least – when the blaggards at Kiama won the inaugural Town and Country Cup match and thus took the beautiful brand new trophy home.

This inconsistency in the smooth functioning of the universe was rectified a few weeks back when the gallant Jamberoo C Pennant team walloped Kiama 5 and 2.

After some initial strong resistance, the cup was eventually handed over, enabling the sponsor to officially present the trophy to Jamberoo Club Captain Phil Green.

The top shelf of the club trophy cabinet is currently being cleared so the Town and County Cup can take its rightful place of honour.

Nailbitingly though, it now less than 12 months before the official  possession of the cup will once against be placed in the hands of the golfing gods.

Did we mention the cup was donated by Steve and Gayle Oppert of Oaks Automotive? Check it out for all your automotive needs.


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