C Pennant and White Horse Cup teams have strong wins 6/3/11

C Pennant Report Round 4 6/3/2011 at Kiama v St George’s Basin

or Red Hot Chilly Peppers

Report by Dave Ransom

I am pleased to report that the C pennant team continued with their good form and recorded another win against the strong Basin team 5 ½  wins to 1 ½ consolidating their lead in the division.

Ray Orr, Alex Hemmings, Tom Zimmerman, Tony McRae and Chris Leckey achieved winning matches. Warwick Miller squared his match and Warren Joannou was gallant in defeat.

Ray, ‘flash’, Orr was truly ‘orrsome’ controlling his match from the outset and recording a solid win at number 1 by 4/2. Ray played an excellent match and continuously put the pressure on his opponent with well struck shots. Well played.

Alex, ‘Billy the kid’, Hemmings continued with his excellent form and won his match 5/3. Billy is a true crowd favourite attracting cheers and wolf-whistles as he passed Minnamurra station on the 12th hole. Clearly the boys on the station were very impressed with his beautiful golf swing (or was it his tight fitting shirt and slacks?)

‘Dogged’ play by his opponent challenged the Pup, Warwick Miller, on the tight Kiama course. In an excellent match Pup twice came from behind to clinch a squared match, producing the big shots when it counted. Well played Pup.

The cougar produced one of those ‘birthday’ rounds and annihilated his opponent 7/6. Tom was on his game and played a wonderful match against his opponent. The roar was rather quiet today, however, Tom not wishing to embarrass his opponent any further.

The Little Bottler, Warren, played a very nice game of golf. Several brilliant shots soon saw Warren in the lead but his opponent responded in kind to have Warren 2 down at the turn. ‘Bot’ continued to play well but his opponent was on a roll and there was little Warren could do, eventually losing 6/5.

Lefty McRae, playing in his first (real) game of the season, was involved in the other close match. A very evenly fought match of high calibre saw Tony win the last two holes to claim victory 2 up. Tony clinching victory when he rifled in a 4 iron next to the flag on the last.

Chris Leckey also playing in his first (real) match of the season was up against the wily Basin captain. ‘The Hat’ managed his way around the course in excellent fashion recording a comfortable win 5/4. The Basin captain only has one arm but despite this handicap is an excellent player and had defeated all of his opponents up to this point. Opponents were calling him the ‘one-armed bandit’. Clearly Chris’ choice of headwear was too much for his opponent and Chris won easily. Well played.

The only negative of the day was recorded by the team captain, who has learnt to distinguish, at some personal pain, the difference between a cherry tomato and a red hot chilli that he found growing wild on the course. They still look the same to me! (Ok there is a slight difference in the taste).

Thanks to Scotty and timbers. I know the players appreciated your support.

The winner of next week’s game against Port Kembla will progress to the final. We are expecting a hard match especially as we are playing at Port but if we continue in our current form then I am expecting  a positive result for the team.

Cheers from Dave(chilli peppers) Ransom. (Ouch my mouth hurts)

Jamberoo White Horse Cup Vs Bowral at Port Kembla 6/3/11

SUGGESTIONS of regular group hugs by team captain Tony Rodriguez were enough to terrify Jamberoo White Horse Cup squad members into stellar performances against an awestruck Bowral at Port Kembla.

After a drubbing in their previous match, the Cuppers turned the tables to win 5 ½ to 1 ½. They were left wondering if it all wasn’t just a clever ploy by the wily Rodriguez, who has figured out if plain threats and intimidation won’t work, maybe suggestions of man love will.

Rodriguez used similar tactics on his personal opponent, a Bowral solicitor, innocently inquiring if he represented the Milat family.

Rodriguez won his match 5 and 4, Peter Francis hit a great approach before an anxious crowd on the 18th and sunk the pressure putt to win 1 up, Errol Stubbs cantered home in the closing stages to take his match 3 and 2, Brian O’Hare won 4 and 2 and Boyd Sylvester, who managed to entice his own caddy to the course, bolted in 6 and 5.

The always sartorially elegant John Anthony squared his match on the 18th hole, possibly not helped by the noisy crowd following this group down the final stretch.

The newly non-smoking Steve Robertson was the only one to finish the wrong side of the ledger, but is doing a great job giving away the filthy weed and should be back bigger and better than ever once the effects of the medication wears off.


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