Jamberoo Golf Club April 2012 Newsletter

PLEASE remember if you are not a social or playing member of the Bowling Club that you must sign in if you enter the club building. That includes the golf office and upstairs room. This is very important as there are hefty fines to be paid by the bowling club if caught.


Lucky Lucy!  A great day was held last month for prostate cancer with 136 players, comprising men’s mixed and ladies teams. There was tremendous support and we acquired some great prizes for the raffle as well as for the golf event. Prostate cancer has benefitted greatly from this day. The course looked magnificent and well done to all involved in its beautification.

We seem to have lost our Lucy !!  Nowhere to be seen and so far no feathers to be seen. Please, please: There is a reward for her recovery.

SUPPORT the once a month Sunday mixed, and Thursdays men’s and ladies veterans games. Some special time to socialise after the game. A  BBQ is generally held after the Sunday game at the starter shed area. If you do not have a partner, put your name down for either and hopefully someone will join you for the game. Nine and Dine is still happening. Consult your program book for dates and times. Next date is 10th May at 2.30 pm.

THOSE roadworthy balls!! We need your help in advising someone at the starter shed [book now there] in the event that you hit a ball onto the road which may have hit and damaged a car. This eliminates the need for the Club to use its insurance, and you personally as members already have liability insurance arranged by Golf Australia. So be wise and advise. It is easy and may save the club some money.

UNLIKE a lot of clubs our membership fees are staying the same this year. $420 for adults, $210 for intermediates [18-24] and $60 for juniors. Also, 13 months for the price of 12 at present for new members.

CHANGES to the rules of amateur status by R&A allows the use of your trophy credits, [at the discretion of the Board] to pay your fees. The Board has determined that the trophy credits may be used to pay fees. Trophy credits will no longer have to be used within 2 months of winning but must be used by 31st July i.e. 2 months after the financial year in which they were won. Annual fees paid in this way must be paid by 30th June. Trophy credits does not include ball credits, Supershot, or monthly draw monies. If not used by end of July your credits will revert to the club. The board will be keeping this decision under review.

MEN’S PENNATS have now finished. Jamberoo came 2nd in their division in B Pennant. In C pennants Jamberoo came 3rd in their division. In the Whitehorse cup Jamberoo came 6th in their division. The Trevor Bell shield [veterans] is now underway. Good luck.

LADIES PENNANTS are still in progress. Grade have played 3 matches and have won one, squared one and lost one to date. Gold have played 3 matches and have won 2 and lost one. Silver have played 2 matches and have won both. These matches continue until July.

Well done to all of the men and ladies who take the time to support our club in these pennant matches. Jamberoo golf club is not to be taken lightly in these matchplay events.

WORKING BEE DAYS coming up are on Thursday April 26th and Friday May 4th from 08.30 until you drop! Well, maybe about 12.00. We will be getting the sand out of the recycled tennis court matting and putting some more of it down on the bridges to prevent any slippages in the coming winter.. We hope also to get some painting done on the trellis at the back of the 1st tee. There are always those extra jobs to be done so come and help out. We can make a difference.

UPCOMING CHARITY DAYS for the ladies. Breast cancer day is on July 17th and Camp Quality day is on Sept 18th.  Ask a friend from another club and help make these days very special.

Look at your programme for some interesting open days. Supporting other clubs encourages them to support us.

WE have started a frequent swinger card for social players. Play 5 games and get one free. This is becoming popular so please encourage your friends to play here and make it grow.

AT THIS TIME, the merger discussions with the bowling club have been suspended.

WE HOPE you are enjoying the Super Shot and have put your monies to some good use. Good luck in the monthly shop voucher and weekly cart draws. But remember, you must play in a competition to be eligible for both of these.

DUE to the bad wet weather in February, we are behind in our planned remediation of the erosion due to last year’s flood damage to the 1st fairway at Hyams creek and along the 12th fairway on the Minnamurra River side. Heavy machinery will have to be used to move rocks and place backfill. Due to the heavy loads there will be some ground damage expected. We are trying to get a dry enough period to commence the work. Our apologies for any inconvenience on the course during this time.


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