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GPS Golf Wrist Watch

 The Approach S1 from Garvin will do just about anything the bigger GPS Units will do with the added convenience of it being a wrist watch and Golf Course GPS.

Lock in yardages:  S1 provides precise yardage to the front, back and middle of the green with one quick glance.

Measures shot distance: Calculates precise yardage for shots played from anywhere on the course.

No downloads, no subscriptions:  S1 is packed with courses and is ready to play as soon as you take it out of the box.  Find the complete list of course maps at

Rugged waterproof design:  Slim and lightweight, S1 is designed to take the rigors of the course.

Odometer:  Designed with walkers and runners in mind, the S1 odometer tells you how far you travelled – on the course, or off.

Easy-to-use everyday watch:  S1 is designed for use as an every day watch featuring an alarm, a rechargeable lithium ion battery and automatic time zone recognition.

Looking for something to spend your Super Shop Credit on ?, well look no further,

We have the best price around as per usual, yours for only $195.00


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