New Chopstick Putter?

Is this “Chopstick Putter” produced recently by a player at Jamberoo legal?
MEMBER Richard Bremner supplied the following. It’s a question begging to be answered.

I recently played a round at Jamberoo and my playing partner produced what he called his chopstick putter.

He said it allowed him to get closer to the ball and therefore there would less error.

Is this legal and should he be stopped from using it before everybody starts getting one of these innovative putters?

regards….richard bremner


4 thoughts on “New Chopstick Putter?

  1. If its more than 18 inches (the putter stick) it is legal, not sure about the praying position. I believe your standing position caused the length of the chopstick in the first place ??

  2. You are right; I’m afraid to report that the chopstick putter was the product of a (self-inflicted) collision between my putter (in its original state) and my knee

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