2012 JGC Match Play Competitions

BOTH the four-ball and individual Match Play KO’s have reached exciting stages in this year’s competition.

In the four-ball, in round 1, the talented pairing of Ray Orr/Jim Henry were outplayed by the excellent Brian Underwood/Ian Bradburn pairing, 3 and 2. The former champion pairing of Wayne Drew/Jeff O’Brien were too strong for Wayne Griffiths/ Dave Ransom winning 1 up, after withstanding a late charge.

Round 2 saw top seedings, Adrian and Matthew Bell enter the fray, defeating Brian and Ian in a high quality match at the 21st hole. 2nd seeds, Peter Francis/ Tony McRae, proved to be too experienced for Wayne and Jeff winning 3 and 2 in a very impressive performance.

This sets up the final between two quality teams, both bristling with pennant match play experience.

Best of luck to Adrian and Matt and also to Peter and Tony. May the better team win. I would not be surprised if this match required extra holes.

In the Individual handicap Match Play, round 1 saw Scott Turnbull, Chris Burton, Ray Orr, Dave Ransom, Peter Saunders and Ian Bradburn progress. Round 2 has resulted in wins to Jarryd Buckley, Chris Burton, Peter Saunders and Ian Bradburn, leaving us with exciting matchups for spots in the final of Buckley v Burton and Bradburn v Saunders. Expect close games in each of these evenly matched contests.

Thank you to all of our competitors for being involved in these important club events. Playing against fellow members in a match is a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience, always promoting friendship and goodwill in the club. We hope to see greater participation in next year’s competitions.

Dave Ransom, JGC vice-captain


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