Pennant Squads Suffering – 10/3/13 Matches

THE Jamberoo Golf Club Pennant teams didn’t have such a good Sunday with both the C Pennant and White Horse Cup squads going down in hard fought encounters.

This leaves just the B Pennant team with a realistic chance of claiming a title this year. The so far unbeaten B’s had a bye this week and will face The Links Shell Cove at Kiama next week in a battle for a spot in the final.

Full reports below:


Jamberoo v Kiama @ St. Georges Basin 10/03/2013

Jamberoo tornado peters out at St George’s Basin

Jamberoo 2 Kiama 3

They were simply too good on the day.

THE Jamberoo C pennant team will have to wait another year to go that next step and qualify for the final . Having won our previous matches convincingly, there was a true belief that this may be the year but it turns out not to be with Kiama taking the game and the Town and Country Cup for this year.

Fantastic wins were recorded by Tim Young  4/3 and Arthur Bosanquet 3/2 and 2nd places to Chris Leckey 6/5,Peter Francis 3/2 and Ron Chilby 2/1.

Tom Zimmermann and David Ransom had the break this week.

Congratulations to Arthur, Tom and Tim on unbeaten seasons.

In the end we have 7 very disappointed players ( beaten favourites ) who represented your club with skill and honour and I was proud to be associated with them and congratulate them for the way they played.

The C Pennant team will take some beating next year !!


Chris Leckey


Round 6 – Russell Vale

From your correspondent Mick Carr Reporting from Jamberoo

TO paraphrase the immortal words of Mr Menzies (later to become Sir Robert) in September 1939 “It is my melancholy duty to inform you that the Jamberoo White Horse Cup team will not win the Cup in 2013″.

Another narrow defeat v The Grange at Russell Vale who won 3-2 has put paid to our quest for the holy grail of Jamberoo’s first men’s pennant, but it certainly wasn’t for the lack of trying.  Each of the five matches wasn’t decided until the 18th hole, Jamberoo gong down this time at the final hurdle to walk away again without a point for their efforts.

The war of attrition had no let up. Our No. 5 Brian O’Hare walked off the 18th one down after a struggle back from 4 down at one stage on the front nine – a fine effort and it is reported that Mr O’Hare’s previous nickname of Brian O’Tortoise has been consigned to the archives because his group’s match has to go down as the fastest eighteen holes ever played in White Horse Cup.

Warren Joannou was up against the wily old fox Terry Marples who your correspondent is advised has been playing White Horse Cup for fifty years.  Giving away four shots on this course to this bloke was always a case of pushing the proverbial uphill and this was especially so with his opponent having the pleasure of driving around this steep track in a cart.  The hills to the 16th and 17th tees would test a 30 year old triathlete so perhaps the rules should be changed so that if one player rides around his opponent should be allowed to ride too.  After the Kokodo Trail hills as mentioned sapping his energy Warren ended up 2 down on the 18th.

Skipper Carr snatched defeat from the jaws of victory!  The nine iron taken to the 15th green for a chip fom 3m turned out to be a 6 iron on arrival at the green resulting in a dud chip for a bogey because the lightning fast greens were beyong the capabilities of the Jamberoo player but to the liking of his opponent.  So Mick went from 2 up with four to play to lose 2 down at the 18th.  A disgraceful performance for which he should be dropped.

” Mr Reliable” Wayne Griffiths delivered again winning 2 up at the last after a glorious drive and a perfect pich to probably the most difficult green on the course. With the flag at the front and a steep slope towards the sea 25m putts were the order of the day here which were almost compulsorily three putts so to get it close and make par was indeed an heroic effort.

So the final match of the round came to the eighteenth.  Jamberoo’s Great White Hope with a dark suntan and white shoes, Steve Rippon, versus young Zac from the Grange – all square after 17, Steve having had to give his opponent 7 shots on this par three course – it was always going the be a struggle.  Off the tee Rip missed the fairway and hit a low 4 iron to 25m short.  Zac’s second also fell 20m short.  The gathered gallery hushed. Rip chipped but the ball hit a hard patch in front of the green and rolled 25m past down the slope.  Zav duffed his chip – still not to the green, his fourth rolling past 15m.  Sledging by the fanatical Grange supporters saw Rippon putt to 6 feet.  The Grange man could only do likewise.  Rip’s nailed the putt – 1up.  A fitting conclusion to the round.

Moss Vale, Port Kembla, Bowral and Sussex Inlet are fighting it out at the top of the leader board and there doesn’t appear to be a clear favourite to win our division, with three rounds to go Jamberoo will be in there fighting.

Special thanks to Tony McRae for caddying and his support at Russell Vale.  Tony played at Russell Vale in the mid-week comp but copped a ball in the mouth hit fom the 17th tee while he was walking to the 18th tee causing thousands of dollars worth of dental injury – we wish Tony a speedy recovery.Our walks from the 11th and 14th greens are somewhat similar so please be careful when negotiating these parts of our course.

Mick Carr


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