Memorable scores from the 2013 Jamberoo Open – It’s just not cricket

‘Its just not cricket!’

Horrific scores in the Jamberoo Open:

In A Grade somebody had a 10 on the 2nd

In B Grade there were an 11 and a 12 on the 16th and a 13 on the 18th,

In C Grade there was a 10 on the 6th, a 10 on the 10th, a 10 and a 11 on 16th, and a 10 on the 17th.

Hardest and easiest holes at Jamberoo

If you can judge by the scores at the Jamberoo Open then…

For the A graders (12 handicap or less) the hardest hole was the 18th which averaged 1.7 over its par, followed by the 15th (1.35), the 17th (1.31) and the 1st (1.25). The easiest hole was the 2nd (0.36 over par) followed by the 4th (0.39 over par).

For the B graders (13-19 handicaps), the hardest were the 18th (2.74 over par), then 16th (2.3) ,17th (2.04), 15th (1.96) and 14th (1.83) and the 13th. The easiest hole was 2nd (0.74) then the 7th (0.91).

For the C Graders (20-27 handicaps), the hardest hole was the 17th (3.83), the 16th (3.42) and the 18th (3.17) followed by the 10th (2.62). They found the easiest holes to be 2nd (0.85 over par) and then the 13th (1.25).

In light of these figures do we need to reconsider our ratings? Have your say!

Dave Ransom

A Grade Scores Data

B Grade Scores Data

C Grade Scores Data


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