Jamberoo Golf Club Upcoming Events

3/8/2013 Saturday, Golf Mart Monthly Medal

7/8/2013 Wednesday, Drummond Golf stableford

10/8/2013 Saturday, stableford

14/8/2013 Wednesday, stableford

17/8/2013 Saturday, stableford

20/8/2013 Tuesday, Ladies stableford – Dena Kyle trophy

21/8/2013 Wednesday, Stroke – Incl Just Bathrooms Mystery Nine

24/8/2013 Saturday, stableford

25/8/2013 Sunday, Mixed Foursomes Championship (27 holes)

28/8/2013 Wednesday, stableford

31/8/2013 Saturday, par

1/9/2013 Sunday, Men’s Foursomes Championship (27 holes)

2/9/2013 Monday, veterans-stableford

3/9/2013 Tuesday, Ladies monthly medal – stroke

4/9/2013 Wednesday, Drummond Golf stableford

7/9/2013 Saturday, Golf Mart Monthly Medal – 1st Round Club Championships.

10/9/2013 Tuesday, Ladies – Coast v Canyon 4BBB stableford

11/9/2013 Wednesday, stableford

14/9/2013 Saturday, 2nd Round Club Championships – Ladies stableford

17/9/2013 Tuesday, ladies – stableford

18/9/2013 Wednesday, stableford

21/9/2013 Saturday, 3rd Round Club Championships- Ladies and non-qualifiers stableford

22/9/2013 Sunday, 4th Round Club Championships

24/9/2013 Tuesday, Ladies stableford

25/9/2013Wednesday, stableford

26/9/2013Thursday, Jamberoo Junior Open

28/9/2013 Saturday, stableford


2 thoughts on “Jamberoo Golf Club Upcoming Events

  1. Good to see our program of events on the website – PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME OF THE LADIES TUESDAY EVENTS ARE NOT LISTED. TUESDAY 13th AUG. – FOURSOMES CHAMPIONSHIP – 27 Holes –
    TUESDAY 26th AUG. STABLEFORD (Secret 9)

  2. Sorry Marie, these are both important events and I apologise for missing them for some unknown reason. I will take better care next time.

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