Mens Championship–New Arrangements

New Arrangements for the playing of the Jamberoo Golf Club Mens Championships

Saturday 14th of September, round 2 postponed.


The weather gods have been unkind to us again with a flash flood making two greens unplayable and causing president Lance Fredericks to cancel the playing of the second round of the club championships.  This has left the match committee to rearrange the playing of the championships.

It has been decided to replay round 2 on Saturday 21st of September. This will now be a stroke round for all members. There will no longer be a round on Sunday 22nd of September which reverts to social play.

The third round will be played on Saturday 28th of September. All participating members will play in this stroke round. The scheduled stableford event will be cancelled.

Competitions for the October labour day long weekend will be played as normal.

The fourth and final round of the championship will be played on Saturday 12th of October in conjunction with the October monthly medal. The top players in each grade will again be seeded to play together in the fourth round. Unfortunately the playing of the Jamberoo Plate (a stableford event for those non-qualifiers) has been cancelled this year.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Dave Ransom, captain.


4 thoughts on “Mens Championship–New Arrangements

  1. Any reason why rounds 2 and 3 aren’t this week coming (as scheduled) and the final round the following week??

  2. Thanks Matt for your enquiry.
    Your suggestion was considered very seriously but with the proposed cut there would have been difficulties contacting all players by 6.30 am the next day. Unfortunately without a cut then there was not enough time slots available for an entire field with social bookings already in place. Remember it is my intention to promote as many members as possible to play in the championships.
    I also considered those members who may have made work arrangements to play on the Sunday. Four Saturdays seemed to be the best and fairest arrangement so that members could make any necessary re-adjustments to their schedules and still play in the championships.
    Further problems arose due to the long weekend causing a gap week which of course is not ideal.
    This led to the new arrangement for the playing of the 4 rounds on Saturdays with the fourth Saturday after the long weekend. I propose that the top placed golfers in each grade still play in seeded groups on the fourth Saturday.
    Lets hope for fine weather.

  3. Cheers Dave.

    Seems your hands were tied on my option. Lets just hope we get these last 3 rounds in without interuptions! Keep up the good work mate.

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