A great deal on the new Sureshotgps SS9500x

Sureshot SS

YOU can get a great deal at the Jamberoo Golf Club Shop on the latest Sureshotgps SS9500x.

This is a fabulous little unit with a colourful 3” transflective screen, a faster gps processer than ever before, and other special features.

Order before November 1 and you will receive $50 off the recommended retail price.

This is the full blurb on the SS9500x:

Let the Sureshotgps SS9500x caddie for you so you can play your best shot every time and never go short of the green.

Use the colourful 3” transflective screen to view detailed preloaded aerial images so you can play with confidence by following your position on the course and see the challenges that lie ahead. The SS9500x allows you to play in any weather and see the screen clearly with the transflective, sunlight readable screen and water-resistant cover.

Get to know the distance quickly with accurate readings to all hazards and the crucial front, centre and back of the greens. Zoom in and out for that extra accuracy and create your own point to point measurements for the optimum distance information.

With its slim design and cool blue colour the sleek new SS9500x leaves its brother devices behind with a faster gps processer than ever before. Enjoy updated features including full touch screen including a stylus for pin point precision and handy in-built scorecard.

The SS9500x lasts up to 36 holes between charges and will automatically recognise the hole and course when you step on to play anywhere in Australia. Receive free access to the Sureshotgps worldwide course database to take your golfing abroad.

 Play your next shot like a pro and go the distance with the new Sureshotgps SS9500x.

The RRP is $399.


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