The Monster of Hyams Creek

The Monster has struck again, another unlucky victim.
Likeable chap Bob McDonald, always looks after his motorised buggy, his MotoCaddy is always clean and shiny and his pride and joy. But the Monster caught up with Bob recently, whilst his back was turned the Monster lured his lovely buggy into the Creek, when Bob turned back to his buggy, it had disappeared,
Fearing the worst, he ran to the creek only to see bubbles. Well Bob loves his buggy, so down to his G-String he stripped and into the creek he ventured. After a 10 minutes he had retrieved his buggy and clubs only to find the battery was missing. So once again Bob ventured into Hyams, and after a further 10 mins the battery was saved.
Just like the add on T.V where the car goes over the cliff and into the sea and somehow is found a couple of days later and fires up without any trouble, Bob has confided using his wife’s hair drier and some TLC, his beloved Motocaddy kicked back into life straight away.
Now you might think this is the end of this story, well not so, Bob was spotted walking onto the Golf Course just yesterday with his swimmers on , goggles and snorkel and his wife in tow,( I guess for any CPR that might be needed) it seems the Monster had taken his glasses and other personal items.
I do hope this story ended well? , and a warning to all golfers, watch out for the Monster of Hyams Creek


2 thoughts on “The Monster of Hyams Creek

  1. Despite Bob’s extensive snorkelling experiences and directions from the bridge by wife Helen, it seems he will require a braille version of the scorecard for next weeks event as his spectacles remain in the bowels of the monster.

  2. I,m sure if bob can walk on and off walls he can walk on and off water no need for snorkels eh bob ????

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