Special Competition Prizes at Jamberoo

JGC LOGO 300By Dave Ransom

DID you know that if you have an eagle in a competition round the club awards a special prize to you of six golf balls?

If it is a ‘hole- in- one’ then the golf ball used is also mounted and presented to you as a memento of that special shot.

If you are fortunate enough to make such a great shot let the match committee/office/starter know by telling them of the occurrence, highlighting the event on the scorecard and in the case of a ‘hole- in- one’ handing in the ball into the office.

We want to share news of your great shot amongst the members and to give you your reward as soon as possible after the event so help us find out about your marvellous shot.

Multi-championship winning golfer Adrian Gehrmann did just that after he hit the perfect shot on the second hole on Wednesday 8th of January to record an eagle two on the par four. Great shot Adrian.


2 thoughts on “Special Competition Prizes at Jamberoo

  1. A pity such a brilliant effort is not even recognised. Another reason why Jamberoo is the place to play!

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