2014 JGC Pennant teams off to impressive start

JGC LOGO 300JAMBEROO GOLF CLUB’S 2014 Pennant teams are off to a booming start with the B Pennant defending champions defeating Wollongong at the Grange, the White Horse Cup squad having a resounding victory over Russell Vale at Russell Vale and C Pennants drawing a hard fought match against Vincentia at Royal Jamberoo.

Individual match reports below filed by the respective team captains/representatives:

B Pennant Round 1 v Wollongong at the Grange

Jamberoo defeated Wollongong 3.5/1.5

Individual results:

Adrian Bell won 5/3

Paul Hazeltine lost 2 down

Pete Munro won 3/2

Patrick Paris won 1 up

Matt Bell all square

Match report:

The B pennant team made an excellent start to the year with a solid win over Wollongong.

It was a “nail biting” finish with three of the matches being decided on the 18th hole.

The highlight of the day was Pete Munro’s eagle on the par 4 11th hole. Pete hit a “booming” drive down the middle and then put a full wedge straight into the hole. Pete was always in command of his match, going to an early lead and then was never headed from that point.

Patrick Paris had to draw on his extensive match play experience as he was 2 down with 4 to play.  He got the match back to all-square after 17 and then went on to win the 18th hole to record an important 1up win for the team.

Matt Bell found himself 4 down after 9 holes but showed grit and determination to get an all-square result after 18.

Paul Hazeltine found himself up against a crafty left-hander and was narrowly defeated on the 18th hole. Paul is bound to bounce back next week with a big win at the heads.

The team is looking forward to getting it’s “gun” player Tom Persson back next week for the important match against Port Kembla.

A big thank you to Lance Fredericks, Ray Orr and Jaryd Buckley for their support and assistance on the day.

Adrian Bell

C Pennant Report

Round 1 Jamberoo v Vincentia @ Jamberoo Golf Club

Jamberoo 2.5, Vincentia 2.5

The C Pennant team, looking resplendent in their new Superoo inspired coloured shirts and caps hosted the strong Vincentia team today. The team members are Ron Chilby, Tom Zimmermann, Peter Francis, Arthur Bosanquet, Wayne Griffiths, Chris Leckey and Tony McRae.

Arthur Bosanquet and Chris Leckey had wins, Peter Francis squared his game and 2nd places to Ron Chilby and Tony McRae.

Ron Chilby was No1 this week and was all square on the 18th tee with his opponent nicknamed “The Keg”…. a strong man, who’s drive landed only a sand iron from the green and won the hole to take that match 1 up.

Arthur Bosanquet … deserves a round of applause for his feats on the day. After being 3 down on the 8th hole, he came back to be 1 down on the 15th where a few of us had gathered to watch proceedings. We saw him eagle the 16th to go square, then win the 17th and 18th … chipping in for a birdie there to win 2 up. A true grandstand finish.

Peter Francis had another great finish and basically saved our skins after being dormie down with 3 holes to go, he won the last 3 holes to square the match … how good is that. Well done Peter.

Chris Leckey managed to keep the driver working today and sunk a few telling putts to win 4/2

Tony McRae had a near impossible task to win against a seasoned Vincentia player who was playing well under his handicap, he carded 1 over for the 1st  9  holes, and even with Tony playing good golf  his opponent took the match 4/3. His opponent has had blinders every time he plays at Jamberoo … next time Tony.

Our next game will be in a fortnight when we will challenge Port Kembla on their home turf.

I would like to thank Stuart Potter, Chris and Gail Goodwin, and Bruce Hammond for their work behind the scene on the day. Wayne and Tom for your encouragement and thanks to Drummond Golf Warrawong for supplying the balls.


Chris Leckey

White Horse Cup Round 1 v Russell Vale at Russell Vale

Jamberoo 5 def Russell Vale 1

Individual results:

Anthony Smith won 4/2

Scott Hainsworth won 2 up

Larry Kent won 2 up

Brian O’Hare won 4/3

Brad Jackson won 1 up

Steve Jackson lost 2/1

Match Report

A great start to the season and we should feel very satisfied with the performance with all players playing well against the home team.

Anthony, playing his first representative match for Jamberoo, was able to defeat his Greg Norman look-a-like easily. Anthony impressed onlookers with his accurate iron play and consistent putting and looks like a force to be reckoned with in this comp.

Scott was up against a wily old fellow who was playing the mental game as well as the golf game. The Russell Vale veteran picked the wrong player to try and upset as Scott weathered all the hijinks and answered in kind with his clubs in a solid performance.

Larry was in trouble early, falling behind 3 holes. Calling on all his matchplay experience, Larry found his form with the putter and rebounded to win in a strong performance.

Brian made a salient point when considering the relative experience of his opponent and himself in his match. Both had been playing golf for 10 years even though Brian admits to being 60 and his opponent 16 years old [Edit note: a 6 foot 3 inch 16 year old off an 11 handicap]. Brian incidentally gave his young opponent a lesson winning his match easily in a very nice ball striking performance.

Brad was tested all the way in his match and was able to play some excellent pressure golf to have his opponent dormie 4. With victory tantalizingly close Brad’s opponent lifted and really applied the pressure. Brad was able to hang on to win on the last green in an important victory for the team.

Steve played a see-sawing battle against a tenacious opponent and looked in shape to win his match several times but could not land that killer blow and succumbed on the penultimate hole.

Thanks to Shane Townsend who spent his first pennant day learning the ropes as a caddy for Anthony. Next match we will unleash Shane against an unsuspecting Nowra opponent.

Week two sees no golf in the WHC with our next game against Nowra at Shoalhaven Heads on February 16.

Dave Ransom

The 2014 JGC White Horse Cup team …. probably the most celebrated gathering of Rock Star golfers assembled on the Australian mainland this decade.
The 2014 JGC White Horse Cup team …. probably the most celebrated gathering of Rock Star golfers assembled on the Australian mainland this decade.

Special thanks to Drummond Golf Warrawong as official ball sponsor


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