Our New Duster—Dakota 410!!

Congratulations to John Duncan and his team for commissioning the new Dakota 410 dusting machine! Doing this by hand is now a thing of the past.
All Greens were done this week. You will notice what a great job the green staff has done.

The new Dakota duster in action
The new Dakota duster in action

The Dakota 410 had  been identified by John as a piece of equipment that would improve Jamberoo Golf course greens and there surrounds. The Dakota 410 has been on the capital improvements list for a number of years .The approval to purchase was finally given.

On its arrival John’s team was  trained in its operation and tuned the Dakota 410 machine for  our course. John explains with the commissioning of the unit and its continued application Jamberoo’s greens will become firmer and faster. This will provide  all our players with improved course conditions—a better test for golfers putting abilities and an increase in the putter retirement rate. The Dakota usage is not limited to the greens and its application’s will roll out to the Tees and Fairways.

Dusting the Greens
Dusting the Greens
More Action
More Action


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