November Veterans Newsletter

November Competition
We had a good turn up this month with 82 competitors turning up which was enough for two divisions of prizes. The winners for our first competition this month were:
Division 1                                                   Division 2
1st C Millard (Kiama)  41 points               R Garner(RV) 48 points
2nd John Ellsmore      40 points               John Turner 40 points (c/b)
3rd E Prior (Grange)   39 points               Brian Goodhew 40 points
Graham Kuskey           38 points (c/b)     John Keeliing 38 points (c/b)
NTP   9th Ray Orr (51cm)
11th Gary Eagleton (410cm)
D&P    8th Glyn Godfrey (215cm)
Balls to 37

Our inaugural second competition day on the 3rd Monday was finally held this month and we had 32 starters vying for a multitude of prizes. Due to the number of starters, there was only one division and the winners were:
1st    George Wells         43 points
2nd  Chris Goodwin     39 points (c/b)
3rd  John Deegan         39 points
NTP   3rd George Wells (650cm)
9th Arthur Holmes (183cm)
11th ——-
13th John Deegan (220cm) (ticket to the Australian Open in Sydney)
D&P   8th ———
Balls to 37

December Competition
Our first competition this month will be on Monday 1st December and will be a normal competition. Our Christmas competition day this year will be held on Monday 15th December simply because it is closer to Christmas. It will be a shotgun start and will be followed by a free sausage sizzle.

We recently received an anonymous donation of money to the Vets and it has been decided to apply the entirety of the donation to prizes for our final day of competition this year. We will have three grades on the day, regardless of the number of competitors, and there will be a first prize of a half ham in each grade. Please note that the hams can only be won by financial members of Jamberoo Vets. Visitors will be entitled to win the usual monetary prizes, but the hams will be for Jamberoo members only.

I will ensure there is an up to date list of financial members available on the day, so to be eligible to win any prizes please check the list before you tee off to ensure you are a current financial member to avoid any disappointment.

Uralla Week of Golf
I have received some nomination forms from the UGC for their week of golf from the 7th to the 10th April 2015. The forms will be placed in the folder in the Golfers Lounge.


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