Jamberoo B Pennant squad have close win over Nowra

15th February V Nowra at Gerringong

The result was a 3 to 2 win for Jamberoo.

Report by Ray Orr, Manager

OH how straightforward that last line looks. Little does it reflect the drama, the emotion or the heart stopping moments that can be B Grade Pennants. All members of the team had made the effort to play a game at the difficult and at times downright confusing Gerringong course over the last week. This recent experience certainly helped in such a tight affair.

Playing No. 5 for Jamberoo was again “the man in the hat” Pete Munro. This was drama filled affair right until the end. As Pete said himself, he played some of the best and not so best (bloody horrid) golf in recent memory. He obviously played more good than bad as he was 2 up leaving the 17th tee. After his opponents incredible up and down out of a cavernous greenside bunker he walked to the 18th tee now only one up. The Nowra No. 5 then promptly hit a pure shot on the long uphill par 3 to the back of the green. Pete strode to the tee and smacked his hybrid straight at the flag, oh please be good, just caught the edge of the elevated green and rolled back down. Advantage Nowra. Pete played a very nice chip to about 5 feet and looks good for a par. Nowra fellow then promptly cans his 25ft downhiller straight in for a birdie. Those chickens can never be counted can they! Match halved on the last.

Playing No. 4 this week was Tom Perrson. This was Tom’s first match of the 2015 pennant season as he had been absent entertaining some young Swedish ladies on the day of the first round. This was again a very entertaining and changeable match with results on 14 of the 18 holes and only 4 halved. Tom’s opponent had slowly gained the ascendency over the back 9 and in a reversal of the previous match led by 2 holes on the 17th tee. The 17th is a longish par 5 with barely a flat lie to be found but Tom’s finely tuned 2nd shot drew nicely to end on the only flat area on the entire hole. He made the most of his surgical like precision to fly his 3rd just right of the green. A tidy up and down won the hole and this match headed to the 18th.  Both players hit decent tee shots but both fell short of the green. Nowra bloke away, nice chip to makeable range. Now just a brief description of the 18th green at Gerringong, the back right portion looks like an elephant (butt up) has been buried in the bloody thing. So this is what Tom’s facing, elevated green, huge hump in the way and an opponent that only needs a half to win the match. Tom slowly takes back his sand wedge, hits a gorgeous high shot, one bounce of the left hand cheek of the elephants butt and straight into the hole. Oh what a feeling! Jamberoo have snatched another half.

Mr Reliable, Pat Paris was again at No.3 and played a strong and consistent game to be in control for most of the day. What a display of putting, after 3 putting the 4th to give away a half on the hole to his opponent, he promptly sunk four 20 footers over the next 4 holes to completely dishearten the poor Nowra chappie. Highlights of the day included a magic, high soft approach to the tricky 10th that won the hole and a gorgeous 2nd to the long 16th that sealed the match. The end result was a fine 4 and 2.

Paul Hazeltine again went out at No.2 and was involved in a torrid struggle for most of the day. It was one of those dour matches with no one getting on top at any time. Still tight going up the 17th when Paul had some of the bad luck that only our game can dish up. He played a nice sensible approach to the widest portion of the green which just ran off the edge and out of view. The ball is still out of view as it ran into some long rough that borders the green and couldn’t be found. The hole was eventually lost and Paul walked yet again to the 18th one down. Honour to the Nowra bloke who hits a beautiful 5 wood to the front of the green which was good enough for the win. The end result, one up to Nowra. The games now all tied up at 2 all.

“The Rock”, Adrian Bell now needs to stand up as his match has become crucial. Reports from the course had been positive all day with Adrian being 2 up, 3 up at various points of the match. It eventuated that at one time he was actually 4 up and mentally had put the slippers on and was contemplating that glass of red. A rude awakening awaited when his low marker opponent suddenly went beresk and pulled 3 holes back. Now only 1 up and in dire need of a calming influence. This was provided by his capable caddy and son Matty. Bloody hell dad, what are you playing at, pull your finger out and comments of a similar ilk did the trick. Stabilised by the 17th tee to be 2 up, Adrian promptly birdied the hole to win 3 and 1.

So all in all it was a very good win with Jamberoo again giving away handicap in most matches. Our next match is at home against St Georges Basin on the 22nd Feb. Anyone interested in coming out for a look will be rewarded with an amusing day out.

(C Pennant and the White Horse Cup squad had a bye)


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