History Revealed ….

MANY significant and important events occurred at Jamberoo Golf Club from 1997 under the presidencies of Barry Walker, Phil Lewis and Lance Fredericks.

For some reason these events were not recorded on the club History page (although archived records of board meetings etc do exist) and I feel that an easy to find, electronic record should exist.

Today I received a written personal history of Barry’s time as president where the priorities were: to make the course safer to play; to manage and rebuild the course after the dreadful flood of 1998 (that closed the course for 3 months); and to improve the facilities for members. The wonderful efforts of “dad’s army” who were always available to assist when needed was also a highlight of this era. This spirit continues today and is part of what makes JGC special. Although I am unlikely to include data on the controversy along the Minamurra River with a neighbour during this period this also was a significant event and took up much effort and time in resolving the issues.
I hope all members take the chance to look up the History page sometime and look at both the written and pictorial sections.

Thanks also to Sue Paul for her recollections concerning the new additions to the clubhouse.

Each of us has a story to tell about JGC from how we came to join to the things we have witnessed develop. Stories about the many characters who play here and those funny things that seem to happen only at golf. Thanks Barry for sharing some of your personal history with me.

Dave Ransom

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