Linda and Adrian win 2015 Jamberoo Mixed Open

Jamberoo Mixed Open – Sunday 24th May

THIRTY TWO starters were greeted by perfect golfing weather in the 2015 Jamberoo Mixed Open.

Firing a very creditable score of 82 off the stick, Linda McGlinchey and Adrian Gehrmann added to their tally of wins in this championship. The win however was not without its stressful moments as testified by the 9 they recorded on the 16th hole to almost snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The pair showed great composure however to successfully negotiate the last 2 holes without further trouble.

Runners up were Chris and Pat Paris with an 84 on a countback. The 16th also hurt the Parisiennes where they recorded a double bogey when a par looked certain. Unfortunately the 17th also hurt them with a six as well to undo much of the good work from earlier in their round.

Very popular nett winners were Lieve Stassen and Ray Orr with 69.75. Lieve was most gracious in her winning speech thanking Ray for an excellent performance. Ray was equally thankful to Lieve and in reality I think they both played pretty well. Runners up in the Nett were Kelly Greaves and Bernie McGlinchey with 70.5. Bernie was left pondering a missed putt that let Lieve and Ray sneak past them.

Well played to the winners on the day. Congratulations also to all our competitors for a wonderful day of golf. It was nice to see many new pairings out there today.  To our visitors from other clubs, we hope you enjoyed your day at Jamberoo.

Don’t forget to get your name down for the Xmas in July Ambrose scheduled for the 9th of July (Thursday). We hope to raise funds for the roof over the decking on the day. The booking sheet will be out soon.

Dave Ransom


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