At the completion of 3 rounds of the Ladies Championships.

A Grade has seen Lyn Beringer (with 93, 94 & 96) competing against Kay Brennan (95, 95 & 92) and Marie Farrant (with 100, 97 and 92).
B Grade has seen some great scoring with Marg Cook (93, 94 & 104) leading from Shirley Walsh (105, 101, 103).
C Grade sees a great competition between Robyn Boles (119, 113 & 122) and Lyn Walker (with 121, 122 & 110).
The fourth round was completed Thursday June 4th
Winners are.  Thursday, 4 June 2015

Ladies Stroke 4th Round Championships – Blue Course

Championship Results:

Div 1 Scratch Winner: K Brennan 370 Gross
Div 1 Scratch Runner up : M Farrant 381 Gross
Div 2 Scratch Winner: M Cook 399 Gross
Div 2 Scratch Runner up : S Walsh 412 Gross
Div 3 Scratch Winner: R Boles 458 Gross
Div 3 Scratch Runner up: D Piper 534 Gross

Div 1 Nett Winner: L Beringer 298 Nett
Div 2 Nett Winner: P Lightfoot 294 Nett
Div 3 Nett Winner: L Walker 314 Nett


Gold Pennants had a great result in the Pennants this week with a 6 1/2 to 1/2 point win over Port Kembla at the Grange. Winners were Kay Brennan, Marilyn Wright, Lyn Beringer and Trish Orgill. Marie Farrant had a draw. This brings Jamberoo in the LEAD by 8 points with a bye to come. There are still 4 rounds to go so here’s hoping that some good fortune may be coming Jamberoo’s way. Ladies Captain Judi O’Brien suffered a knee injury during the previous pennants match and will be out of action for a couple of months.
Another win on Monday against Port Kembla with two rounds to go and still in with a chance. Only 3 Points separate the first 3 teams.
Lyn Kuskey, Lyn Walker, Shirley Dixon, Viv Boxsell, Sue Paul, Robyn Boles , Marg Cook and Jo Bourke all contributing to this effort.



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