2015 Club Matchplay Championships

The draw for the first round of the 2015 club Matchplay championships has been announced.

In the fourball, to be completed by 15th July:

Chris Leckey & Anthony Smith vs Geoff Reynolds & Gary Hemus with the winners to play defending champions Richard Bremner & Peter Saunders in the second round;

Phil Adams & Col Booth vs Martin Perry & Justin Bensley with the winners to play former champions Warwick Drew & Jeff O’Brien;

Arthur Bosanquet & Wayne Arnott vs Ray Orr & Pete Munro with the winners to play last year’s runners up Chris Goodwin & Pat Paris;

Tim Young & Shane Townsend vs Dave Ransom & Steve Jackson with the winners to play the well proven team of Peter Francis & Tony McRae.

There are several interesting matchups in the first round with new untried teams and several ‘old hats’ playing. I’m expecting some upset results!

2014 Finalists, Peter Saunders, Richard Bremner, Chris Goodwin and Pat Paris
2014 Finalists, Peter Saunders, Richard Bremner, Chris Goodwin and Pat Paris

In the single Matchplay, to be completed by June 30th:

Matt Tedeschi vs Chris Goodwin; Peter Saunders vs Warwick Drew; Martin Perry vs Col Booth; Justin Bensley vs Brian Underwood; Boyd Sylvester vs Geoff Reynolds. All others progress automatically into the second round unless there are late entries.

The full draw is situated on the whiteboard near the players’ lounge. Please write the result of your match on the draw.

In both championships players are to use their GA handicap (the point one from golflink, rounded to the nearest whole). Please write down your starting handicap on the draw as it cannot go any higher once the competition starts.

2014 winner Adrian Bell never gave up when there was a chance.
2014 winner Adrian Bell never gave up when there was a chance.

Play well, play fairly and enjoy the competition.



2 thoughts on “2015 Club Matchplay Championships

  1. Hi Dave. One thing I cannot understand is that the nominations for the 4 ball match play are complete and draw in place and yet the Single Match play draw has also been done and yet players can still put their names down now even though the first round has to be complete by 30th June. This means to say that anyone, who has not had their name in by now, can pick and choose who they would like to play (of the people that were granted a Bye in the first round) if they would like to enter now. All I can say is that do you really think that anyone would put their name down to play the winner from last year (Adrian …who has an impeccable record)? I think not, I think they would opt to put in on the bottom part of the draw and hope that Someone knocks Adrian out before they can get to him. I think a cut off time should have been in place, if not, ask for nominations again and have a redraw….but this would be improper if some games have already been played over the weekend. It is a good competition and a great way to meet other members…I thoroughly enjoy it, but everyone had the same opportunity as those who had their names in by the deadline. Sorry to be so long winded but there is an easy solution…NO LATE ENTRIES.

  2. Hi Ron, I am pleased to see your continued support and enthusiasm regarding the matchplay championships. While I agree in principle with your comments I am still trying to be inclusive and engage more members to play. From my perspective I am concerned that no matter what I do members still fail to nominate in the time frame given or don’t turn up for their first round match. As you may have noticed I seed the draws using last year’s performances trying to create two even halves and interesting matchups with the first round only involving a few matches and hence the early finish date. As some matches in the first round have now been played, entries are closed! Good luck to you in your first match.

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