How To Repair Pitch Marks: Video

The match committee have noticed that many members are failing to repair their pitch marks. As good practice everybody should fix their own and two others. Doing this will help maintain our greens to their current excellent standard. To remind you of how to do this the following video demonstartes the correct procedure:


4 thoughts on “How To Repair Pitch Marks: Video

  1. As long as it is done the approved way, the tool used is irrelevant. Of course you don’t need to worry when you hit a green. They land so soft, like a butterfly with sore feet.

  2. Well done Dave for bring it to the attention of all our members,as I think the greens are looking better and do need to be looked after. Sometimes many of these pitch marks are a result of Weekend Social Golfers who possibly don’t know any better, but we should.
    Also a reminder on repairing Divots not only on the Fairways as well, but many people forget the Tee Off Areas.
    The Club has gone to a lot of trouble to install Sand Boxes on Tees but many people do not use them either.
    Course is looking good, although I do get lost sometimes now that the 100mtr marker trees are GORN. I may have to invest in a GPS from the Pro Shop as I am not on Fairways very often to see Markers in Middle of Fairway. LOL.

  3. Thanks Ron. You bring up a good point about repairing divot holes and using sand buckets. Perhaps members could refill two or three times a round after fixing up divots they notice on the fairway and also the rough. As for the 100m markers, the board has listened and some form of marker is planned. Still buy a GPS from the golfshop however. they are good value and do help.

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