Club Championship – third round – Moving Day

Club Graphic

Just a reminder that at the conclusion of the third round the top eight in each of A, B and C grades and the top 4 in D grade will be seeded into the draw for the concluding round. The first of these tee times is at 8 am. To win the championship you must play in the seeded section if you qualify. Those players outside the seeds can also win the championship with a good performance as well.

If for any reason you cannot play in the seeded section and wish to win then you need to contact the golf office to seek approval. Do not assume this will be granted although every effort will be made to accommodate you.

The question of the day will be if the chasing players can make a charge at the leaders of each grade. Several favoured players have yet to make a statement and perhaps Saturday’s third round will be their day.

In A Grade, Pete Munro has played two fantastic rounds to lead by 4 over Adrian Bell with Ray Orr, Ken Bradley, Steve Rippon, Paul Hazeltine and Jarrod Gehrmann the closest chasers.

In B Grade, Tom Zimmermann leads by 1 over Con Kiayias in a tight struggle with several other players, including C Pennant captain Chris Leckey, ex White Horse Cup captain Darryl Campbell and the in-form Greg Rodgers within reach.

In C Grade, White Horse Cupper Chris Goodwin leads by 2 from the consistent Mick Burton with Alvin Ray lurking just behind ready to swoop if the leaders should falter.

In D Grade, there is a great contest looming with both Les Farkas and David Connon sharing the lead and Allen Clark, John Hinks and Vince Byrnes just behind. It is too hard at this stage to predict who will win with all seemingly a good chance to grab the inaugral D Grade championship.

The nett section leaders should also become clearer after the third round.

For those of us with no chance of winning a title there still is the prospect of winning the comp of the day so keep trying!

Good luck to all players. I hope you can pour all your putts into the hole!!

Dave Ransom


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