Breaking News – Club Championship disrupted by rain.

Yes, it has happened again.

The third round of the club championship has had to be cancelled due to the unplayable nature of several greens.

The 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th and 15th greens became waterlogged and unplayable with the holes surrounded by water. After a 30 minute delay was enforced it was considered that conditions would not improve and so this led the Match committee to cancel the third round.

The new arrangements for the playing of the Club Championship are that it now becomes a three round event with the fourth and concluding round to be held next Saturday as scheduled. There will be no seeded groups with players free to play at a time that suits. Those players who started their round will get a credit for next weekend’s fourth round.

In the case of a tie for the Club Championship (Gross only), a 4-hole playoff, as outlined in the fixture book , will be held as soon as practicable to decide the winner.

Best of luck to all competitors.

“With all these rainy showers, September days are here, with winter’s worst of weather and spring’s best of cheer!”

Dave Ransom, on behalf of the match committee.


3 thoughts on “Breaking News – Club Championship disrupted by rain.

  1. Hi Dave just a quickie. I realise the decision to call off the 3rd round of championships on Saturday was the correct one, but to once again reduce to 3 rounds…. I cannot understand. What if the final round is washed out? Will that mean it will be reduced to 2 rounds only? Hopefully not…. It is one of our major events of the year and has everyone talking about how good or bad we are going and creates comradship amongst members.The club also needs the revenue. I thought may be this weekend could have been still 3rd round and 4th round played weekend after long weekend on the 10th October which I believe is also a Stroke event (October monthly medal)…Or 3rd round played this Saturday 26th with 4th round maybe on Sunday 27th after social golfers. This would have even guaranteed a little more revenue for the club. I understand there may be shift workers or people may have commitments on a Sunday and we cannot please everyone.
    Anyhow Good Luck to all concerned and I wish them all the best this weekend….(if it doesn’t rain again)..

  2. It is always pleasant to hear from you Ron and thank you for your continued interest. All your ideas were considered of course before the decision to cancel the round was taken. The time allocated for the championship was taken and just like a pro-tournament we could not extend it further and not impact on other events. Hence the decision. What happens if those proposed future days are abandoned as well? Do we continue on indefinitely? The fairest decision had to be made and the it was considered that the new arrangement was the best under the circumstances.
    I am pleased to hear that there is a lot of interest created over the championship and that club spirit is enhanced. I too wish all competitors the best of luck in the last round. May the best players win!

    PS: I am currently thinking of alternative ways to play our championship next year. If anybody has suggestions then please respond below.

  3. Thanks Dave for your explanation, much appreciated. I just thought that the Monthly medal round in October wouldn’t have interfered with any other events. We will be playing stroke on this day any way and an individual single stroke is the game anyway. I wasn’t aware that any of us PRO’S had to pack up and go on tour? 😄 LOL😃Thanks again mate

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