Camp Quality Charity Day

Camp Quality 9.11 [1]

Thank you to all the sponsors/donors/suporters who helped make the Camp Quality Charity Day on 20th October such a success. More than $3300 was raised on the day. 107 players participated with a great BBQ following.

Great weather greeted players and some hot scores were recorded.
Winners of the  mens section were E. Woolfrey; B. Penrose; M. Bolton & T. Fisk.
Runners Up were J. Ellsmore; P. Walsh; P. Hahn & B. Bennett.
3rd Place B. Underwood; J. O’Brien; P. Abraham & L. Waters.
4th Place D. Newton; P. Miners; A. Miners & L. Green.
5th Place A. Holmes; R. Claydon; S. Cottee & B. Wells.

Winners of the Ladies Section were L. Scott; R, Boles; M. Wright & M. Simmons.
Runners Up were M. Farrant; M. Trethowan; C. Paris & J. Simpson.
3rd Place K. Brennan; K. Greaves; L. McGlinchey & B. Tory.
4th Place J. Casey; M. Rodgers; R. Killmore & F. Stanley.
5th Place J. O’Brien; G. Tapp; G. Milmlow & M. Shannon.
6th Place K. Hine; M. Lavery; B. Rood & M. Penman.
7th Place A. Schlodder; K. Primmer; C. Bailey & T. Tschentser.
8th Place C. Loring; J. Bamford; H. Murdoch & D. Gates.

Thankyou everyone for supporting Camp Quality.

Judi O’Brien


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