Final Championship Results


Noting that you can only win one major prize and the value of the Nett champion’s prize being greater than that of the Runners’ up the following winners have been determined:

Club Champion: Steve Rippon 227                                                                                           Runner Up: Paul Hazeltine 228
A Grade: Nett Winner: Ray Orr 206 nett (c/b)                                                                                        Nett Runner Up: Ken Bradley 206 nett

B Grade: Champion: Tom Zimmermann 245                                                                     Runner Up: Con Kiayias 251
B Grade: Nett Winner: Hans Kaer 207 nett (c/b)                                                                                 Nett Runner Up:  Brian Underwood 207 nett

C Grade: Champion: Bob Small 263                                                                           Runner Up:  Alvin Ray 273
C Grade: Nett Winner: Chris Goodwin 206 nett                                                                                   Nett Runner Up:   Mick Burton 216 nett

D Grade: Champion: Les Farkas 315                                                                             Runner Up: John Keeling 325
D Grade: Nett Winner: Vince Byrnes 227 nett                                                                                       Nett Runner Up: Jeff O’Brien 234 nett

$100 is awarded to the champion of each grade;

$60 to the nett winner in each grade;

and $30 to the gross and nett runners up in each grade.

These prizes ( in the form of Drummond vouchers) will be awarded during the Presenation Afternoon in December.

Thank you to Drummond Golf at Shellharbour for sponsoring our ‘main event’.


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