Footgolf is coming to Jamberoo Golf Club

JAMBEROO GOLF CLUB is trialing Footgolf for 6 months, as an extra source of income.

Footgolf will be organized  to minimize any disruption to golfers, and only for limited short periods of time.
The design ensures that players do not go near our greens and only soft shoes are allowed.
Course design is not yet completed but Footgolf would be played only on the first 9 holes.
Footgolf is the result of combining soccer and golf. The game is played with a regulation #5 soccer ball at a golf course with 53 cm diameter cups.
It takes 45 mins to play 9 holes
It is played in 25 countries and has only just beginning in Australia.
We will be the first golf course to implement Footgolf on the South Coast.
JAMBEROO PUB ARE OUR MAJOR SPONSOR — if you know of anyone wishing to sponsor a hole let any board member or the starters know.
To see how it’s played watch the YouTube video below.

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