Review of Prize Schedule

In line with the policy of the Board of Directors of Jamberoo Golf Club, the Match Committee has reviewed the Schedule of Prizes that are awarded for competitions held at our club.

This review removes some anomalies that existed in the previous version as well as making sure all prizes are covered by the competition fees.

As you may recall the introduction of pre-defined grades was introduced following consulation with the members of JGC. They wished to know what grade they were playing in before a competition rather than after a competition was completed as in the old model. It was also deemed by members that a fairer more equitable allocation of prizes reflecting the actual playing numbers in each grade on any given day would be more appropriate. A new feature is that 1st prize in each grade is consistent.

Feedback from members has been very positive on these issues and the Match Committee has determined that the current system will continue with the few new modifications.

Grades and Prizes structure 2911-15 v3

Dave Ransom,

on behalf of the Match Committee


2 thoughts on “Review of Prize Schedule

  1. Dave,
    If everyone pays the same competition fee then the prize value should be the same regardless of the grade. Ie the winner of each grade should should get the same value prize, second should also get the same value prize and so on.
    The number of prizes per grade can be representative of the number of players in the grade, ie a grade with few players may only have one prize, a grade with many players may have 1st to 5th.
    You treat all grades fairly or your risk loosing members particularly A grade.
    Thus it is not equitable that i pay $15 to win $20 where as someone in B grade pays $15 to win $40.

    The system you have is unfairly skewed towards B & C grade.
    So a fair system is to have prize values the same for each trophy but more trophies relevant to the number of people in the grade.

  2. Thanks Paul, you have made some very valid points that the match committe will consider in depth. Thanks for your input.
    Dave R

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