News from the course 16-12-2015

Club Graphic

Did somebody forget to tell Brian Underwood it was raining today? Most players were forced off the course but not Brian who recorded a whopping 56 nett. Brian won the comp by 5 from William Perry who fired a pretty credible round of 61 nett himself. Well played the both of you.

Jim Henry has been on fire since his medal win in the November monthly medal. Last Saturday he claimed a ham with a score of 42 points in B grade. This has been Jim’s third win in the last month.

Congratulations also go to Tony Rodriguez, Phil Adams, Geoff Boxsell and Margaret Cook for their wins as well on the day.

Geoff Boxsell feels his new hip is doing the trick with 2 wins in the last month. A monthly medal and a ham are his rewards for all that suffering. I think it was all worth it.

Jamberoo comp sizes continue to grow. Numbers not seen in years have been entering our comps and the competition for prizes is hot. In A grade last Wednesday Steve Rippon fired a wonderful round of 58 off the stick for 42 points in the Wednesday comp but it wasn’t good enough for first prize, which was won by Tony McRae with 43 points. The hottest player in the club, Bernie McGlinchey was third with 40 points. In C grade Norbert Beringer was successful by one over Richard Bremner, 41 to 40 and in D Grade John Armstrong beat Bob Tysoe on a countback after both scored 44 points.

As you undoubtedly know the bridge over the first is closed at present for all but foot traffic. For those on carts please use the bridge between the 10th and practice fairways. Take care as you cross the 18th.

Jamberoo Golf Club continues to grow and we welcome all new members to the club. You will find our members very friendly and only too keen to have a game with you. Put your name down on the competition sheet in any free space and enjoy your round. You also will find that our club usually has magnificent course conditions and the present drought won’t affect its quick recovery when we get some rain. With new initiatives in the wind the club is set for a bright future.

Dave Ransom

Ray Orr 500
 Ray Orr holds that finish in a comp at Jamberoo.

5 thoughts on “News from the course 16-12-2015

  1. Very nice follow through Ray Next time we play, I will have to take a photo also and MEMO or is that MEEMO to other members for their benefit. It must have been on a longest drive hole with Peter Munro. LOL. GREAT PHOTO THOUGH

  2. Good to see that Jamberoo golf club is consistent, still Shafting the A grade players. A/B grade has 42 players and C and D about 25 each good stuff ! !

  3. I disagree with that statement. The current formula allows for small field sizes in one grade by combining it with the next grade. This has been clearly indicated to all members. A/B grade were awarded more prizes due to the number of entries than the other grades. We exactly follow the formula for each comp so that we are consistent,
    I am still considering what to do when there are less than 10 in a grade. Yesterday there were 8 in A grade and I would have liked to give them their own division. Be patient, changes are coming soon.
    If you agree that there should be a set standard, as you have stated in the past, then criticism of differing field sizes is unwarranted.

  4. Dave, you are correct in the comments on the grades. I am just a little frustrated at being in A grade ,with a low, hard earned handicap and being put into a grade competing against players with up to a 9 shot advantage. Anyway, thanks for all of your time and effort through the year have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year. See you on the course.

  5. All the best to you as well Bruce and to all the members of our club. I understand the frustration you feel about the combined grades. It is not ideal. I think, however, there will be a Xmas present coming soon for you!

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