Footgolf holes – local rules

Club Graphic

With the footgolf holes in the ground on holes 1-5 and 9, it is necessary to use the rules of golf  to cover certain situations that may arise occasionally.

  • A ball coming to rest upon a footgolf hole may be dropped without penalty at the nearest point of relief within one club length of this point of relief and not nearer the hole in accordance with rule 24-2.
  • A footgolf hole interfering with a player’s stance or intended swing shall be considered as an immovable obstruction and relief without penalty is available under rule 24.2
  • If a footgolf flag interferes with a player’s line of play then a player may remove the flag, without penalty, so that a clear line of sight is obtained under rule 24.1

What does this mean for golfers? Basically, if a footgolf hole or flag  interferes with your stance or swing, take a free drop not nearer the hole you are playing.

Enjoy your golf at  beautiful Jamberoo!

Dave Ransom


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