News from the Course

Boyd Sylvester & Tim Young 2015 single matchplay finalists
Boyd Sylvester with Tim Young

Interesting occurrences sometimes happen on the course. Take last Saturday for instance, Tim Young called a double penalty on himself. Playing near the fence on the 4th, Tim played a shot that ricocheted back onto to his bag and then out of bounds. Bad luck Tim.

Earlier on the same day, Errol Stubbs hit a beautiful draw shot down the middle. Not unusual you might say except that Errol actually snap-hooked his drive into the fence protecting the club house and his ball ricocheted somehow down the fairway with the aforementioned perfect draw. Errol was quoted as saying, “you should wait until I perfect my next trick shot!”

Steve Oppert scores -100 on the 7th. Steve hit a magnificent wedge to 120 cm on the ‘super shot’ hole today setting up an easy birdie. When asked if he had paid the extra $2 for the ‘super shot’ he shook his head sadly and said no. His mates reckon he scored minus $100 on the hole. Congratulations to Alan Jones, who did pay his entry, who hit a great shot to 220 cm to claim the cash. Moral of the story – fail to enter at your own risk.

Can’t find the time for a full 18 hole competition round? Perhaps you could play in the weekly 9 hole ‘chicken run’. You can play any day at any time. Cost is just $3.

Saturday the 16th’s competition was the ‘Super Grade’ stableford played in ideal conditions. Winner on the day with 43 points was Alan Jones. Alan had a great day also taking out the super shot. Chris Wright was second with 42, Mark Fisher third with 41 and B Pennant player, Tony Panecasio, took out 4th with 40 points on a countback over four others. Best gross score was Jarrod Gehrmann with 32.

Wednesday 13th of January saw 112 players play a stableford. A Grade winner was Illawarra Golf Captain, Steve Harrod, from the Links Shell Cove. B Grade was won by Phil Hellmund with 44 points, C Grade was won by George Goor with 44 and D Grade was won by Pete Wheatley with a massive 48 points.

A Division winner in Tuesday’s ladies comp was Suzanne Lang with a terrific 43 points. B Division saw Judi Casey win with 31 points.

Got a friend who would like to take up Golf?  From the 24th of January membership is just $190 for play up until the 31st of May. A  great deal!

Dave Ransom


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