21st of February Pennants Report

With each win, they say, you are closer to your next loss. So it proved today.

Thanks again to Col Booth and BoothCorp for the sponsorship of the club pennant caps for 2016.

White Horse Cup Green Team vs Russell Vale @Jamberoo

They say this is the ‘Year of the Monkey’ but I think it maybe the Year of the Cowpat.

Our new opener (Mark Cassel) performed outstandingly, even the flies were impressed! They were especially impressed with our new caps which I am told resemble the rare Yellow Parrot which inspired the SKIP to recreate.


I think Scotty is going to find it hard to achieve leadoff status such as Mark displayed, although Scotty’s words were reinforced on the day that “Jamberoo always punch above their weight” is ringing true.

All Cowpats demonstrated their individual skill in carving up their opponent: Mark 6/4; Colin 2 up; Brian 4/2; Larry 6/5; and Shane 6/4 with GT 1 down giving the Boys a 5-1 win over Russell Vale.

Although on our home course we often found ourselves having the ability to come from behind in true Cowpat Style.

Special thanks to Pam, the Prince’s wife, who prepared gourmet meals for all 36 participants on the day.

I believe “My Kitchen Rules” is seeking Pam and Prince as contestant’s for next season after the other clubs voted the tucker as ‘Best Ever for a WHC Golf Day’.


White Horse Cup Red Team vs Bowral @ Kiama

The REDS were able to withstand the challenge from the Bowral team who posed many questions to us on the day. Bowral started strongly and as they crossed the road at Kiama for the first time, led or were square in all but one match. The pressure was being applied by the experienced Bowral team.

By half way, the tide had turned as the Jamberoo team seemed to find some answers to the Bowral challenge. It was now 4 -2. The blow torch was applied on the back nine and the REDS powered home to win 4 matches and square the other two for a 5 -1 win.

Arthur Bosanquet again played brilliantly for a 6/5 win; Ken Bradley, finding the correct stretch to release the pain in his sore hip, won 5/4; Andrew Ball, trailing for most of his match, withstood the pressure to square his match on the 18th. Steve Jackson also trailed early against the Bowral captain who never appeared to make a mistake. It took some brilliant and creative shot-making by Steve to eventually square his match after the full 18 were played. Peter Francis was also challenged but slowly gained the ascendancy to win 4/2. Brad Jackson seemed to be behind the whole round but caught his opponent on the 14th hole and powered home to win on the 17th, 3/1. Members who know Brad should ask him about how he won the 12th hole!

The standard keeps raising and it seems that each match requires a more determined effort to gain success. Next week we face the very strong and in form Kiama team at the Links Shell Cove and the experienced Lance Fredericks has been called back into the team.

President Lance Fredericks
Lance Fredericks

Dave Ransom

B Pennants vs Russell Vale @ Moss Vale

It has been a gallant effort from our team this year but their run has come to an end against the undefeated Russell Vale team losing 3.5 to 1.5. Each game was close and we could have easily have won all matches, but it turned out that that we managed 3 squared matches and 2 losses for our first loss of the campaign. Adrian Bell, Paul Hazeltine and Anthony Smith all squared their matches with both Adrian Gehrmann and Tony Panecasio losing close matches.

Adrian Bell

C Pennant vs Port Kembla @ Port Kembla

Our chances of winning our division have suffered but we still are a good chance of qualifying for the semi-finals after the first loss of our season.

It was a close match with Port Kembla coming out victors 3.5 to 1.5 at their home course.

Captain of the day Tim Young reports:

Port Kembla 3.5 v Jamberoo 1.5

Our return match v Port on their home ground was always going to be difficult and we needed every bit of luck we could get.

Tim Young, playing no.1 today had an opponent who was holing shots from the bunker for a par and having the odd birdie so he did well to last to 16, going 2 down.

Tom Zimmermann squared his match, playing no.2 today. For and against is going to decide this year’s finalist so well done Young Buck!

Greg Tarrant has tasted defeat today in a tight game 3/1.

Boyd Sylvester lost 4/3 against Port’s captain in a tough match.

Boyd and Tim pictured before their final showdown
Boyd and Tim

Wayne was back after 2 weeks off and produced his best to beat a very good player 1up.

Although some results didn’t go our way we all feel like our form is up to the task and look forward to our last away game vs. the Links Shell Cove next week.


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