News from the Course 27-2-16


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Weekly Results

A great week of golf saw our competitions continue to show strong support from the members.

The Tuesday Ladies competition attracted 33 players to a stableford event.

The winner of Div 1 was Judi O’Brien with 37 pts, 2nd, Marie Farrant 36 pts.          The winner of Div 2 was Lorraine Cram with 39 pts, 2nd, Judy Casey 34 pts.
The winner of Div 3 was Marie Smith with an outstanding  45 pts, 2nd, Lisa Bell 37 pts.

Balls went to 33 pts

The Wednesday Men’s Stableford attracted a healthy 93 players despite the heat and humidity.

A Grade Winner was Pete Munro with 41 pts
B Grade Winner was Brett Fielding with 46 pts 2nd Eric Nyholm with 44 pts
C Grade Winner was Bill Lay with 43 pts 2nd Graham Kuskey with 42 pts
D Grade Winner was Barry  Gibbons with 38 pts

Balls went to 36 pts

Saturday saw an Ambrose competition with 108 competitors. The winners were:

4 Person Las Vegas Ambrose Winners M Cassell C Kiayias K O’Rourke P Hughes 51 1/8 nett

Runners Up G Louden D Ruddy D Smith A Ball 53 1/8 nett

3 Person Ambrose Winners J Procter G Kuskey E Cram 53 5/6 nett

Balls to: 55 7/8 nett

Ladies 4 Person Las Vegas Ambrose Winners R Gregson P Bodey M Stephens L Bell 70 3/8 nett

Les Hanigan, playing in the last group, won the Super shot being only 160 cm from the hole. Les was quite pleased to win the cash but ‘fessed up’ that his shot never left the ground. It doesn’t matter how they get there Les, only where they finish!

February attracted over 1000 competition rounds, showing how much the members continue to enjoy playing at our fantastic course.

The true inspiration for the new Pennant caps?

sulphur crested cockatoo

Some members have recently stated that the rare yellow parrot was the inspiration of the 2016 pennant caps. While admitting that the splendid bird life abundant at Jamberoo are in fact the designer’s muse, perhaps this cockatoo may be the true inspiration.

While talking about caps let us all thank Col Booth for supporting the club and sponsoring the full cost of this year’s yellow pennant caps. Thanks also go to Mike Harris for ensuring our shirt and cap orders were processed efficiently. Well done to you both!

Dave Ransom




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