Yes missed the putt.

Kiama Councils’ Strategic Marketing spent 2.5 hours filming our Golf and Footgolf players on the course 2 weeks ago. To be used as a promotional video. Great free exposure for our course.

Win TV to film  Footgolf for WIN NEWS. Look out in 2 weeks time. More free exposure.

GREAT IDEA: Footgolf Birthday Parties. Groups over 10–special rate.

Member Ron Hewson celebrated a family birthday organising 22 youngsters to play footgolf. Special trophies for the winners. Great job Grandad and Grandma. Lots of laughter.

Ron The Soccerball Retriever.
Happy Players.

One thought on “AROUND THE COURSE

  1. A Special thanks to Sue Paul for her assistance on the course for my grandsons Birthday Party. This was a great experience for the kids and adults as well. They kept me busy with the Ball Retriever. Sue commented that she had not heard so much laughter around the golf course, but I did say that she has not played golf in our group and I indicated it did happen on a regular basis while we were playing golf also.Some of the adults are very keen to come back again with their kids and give it another go, and I hope they do. I held a meeting with all the players prior to kick off to respect the course and other golfers on their way around.Once again, thanks Sue and also Clubhouse Starter Bruce for his organisation on the day. Thoroughly recommend any one to give it a go…Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. It may surprise you. Regards Ron Hewson.

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