Golf is the closest game to the game we call life; you get bad breaks from good shots, you get good breaks from bad shots. But you have to play the ball where it lies.” – Bobby Jones

I’M OFTEN asked how I got into playing golf. We all get into the game for different reasons – some because their parents put a club in their hands at an early age (lucky them!), others because their partners inspired them and it’s a clear case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

And then there are those who look at golf as a way of broadening their network and trying out a new sport, without having to wear lycra outfits and ride bicycles in packs.

Me? I wanted to escape a Queensland health farm I was locked into many years ago. I was over the steamed veggies and unrelenting exercise regime and the only way out through those big wooden gates was to run away and sign up for a golf lesson. Not so silly, eh?

As soon as I stumbled onto the driving range, was handed a 7-iron and hit a ball, I was hooked. I came home a few days later and immediately went in search of a local golf pro to show me the ropes … or, well, the grip.

I had relatively more time on my hands back then and was inspired to try some new and fun things with my mates that didn’t always end up eating and drinking around a dining table. Surely there was more to life?

I figured we could do with some fresh air, learning a new skill, and spending some quality time in a healthy environment. That threw them.

Of course, what I didn’t appreciate at the time was after you have walked 18 fairways, sucked in some fresh air, shared a few laughs, and learnt some new swear words, you’ll ultimately end up with a cool beverage at the 19th anyway.

Deborah Hutton

I’ve been playing golf now for about 16 years and fully accept I’ll never be an excellent golfer, but that’s not the point. Unless you have can spend countless hours practising and hitting range balls, you’ll most likely remain an average golfer, too.

It’s not a game you will ever actually master. But it doesn’t stop me loving the challenge of always trying to improve, never giving up, and the persistence required to carry on, even when you are having the worst day … great life skills to carry with you. Not to mention when you hit that perfect shot, every now and then.

Golf is a gift, particularly in helping me retrieve some sense of life balance. There are few sports in life that completely command your full attention at all times. No phones or interruptions, just the personal challenge of being fully focused on getting that damn ball in the hole as neatly and easily as you possibly can.

I’m determined to get more women playing golf – the guys can’t have all the fun here!

This is a sport for life. It’s a game with no age barriers. My closest friends all play golf and we’re always on the lookout for weekend getaways, new courses to play, destinations that offer warm temperatures, green fairways and decent restaurants. Trust me, if you don’t enjoy a tipple, take up golf and you’ll soon discover the joys of celebrating (or commiserating) a round at a dining table with wine in hand.

Wait a minute … that’s exactly what I was trying to avoid in the first place. Whoops!

first appeared in AUSTRALIAN GOLF DIGEST AUGUST 22, 2015


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