Jamberoo Golf Club and TAFE Illawarra


Students , Alan Paul, Greg Skeen (Escape778) and Sue Paul.

Jamberoo Golf Club and TAFE Illawarra Wollongong have been working together.

TAFE Illawarra Wollongong students completing their Advanced Hospitality course were given the task to develop & implement marketing strategies.

After meeting  Jeanne Parker (teacher. Hospitality Management, Tourism and Events) while attending a Shellharbour Tourism marketing seminar, we came up with a plan to use real businesses to assist her students. So it began.

Students came and visited Jamberoo Course, playing footgolf, then asking questions about our business. The students also worked on a B&B Escape 778, set up in the hills above Calderwood–recent winners in tourism awards.

After 8 weeks of work, I went to the students presentation. It was amazing to see how the students had matured , with confidence in their digital presentations. The brilliant marketing ideas,and  website design Jamberoo Golf Club will be using.

Thank you and congratulations to ILLAWARRA TAFE WOLLONGONG, making strong communites.


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