New area of Out of Bounds on the 14th hole


New ‘Out of Bounds’ Area while playing the 14th Hole

There has been a spate of players and greens staff being hit or having a near miss by golf balls hit off the 14th tee onto or in front of the 15th tee. One person indeed was taken to hospital following a strike to the back of his head by an errant ball while he was addressing his ball.

It is the policy of Jamberoo Golf Club that players call out ‘FORE’ if they hit their tee shot off line on any hole. Players on the 15th tee should wait near the screen while waiting their turn to hit for safety’s sake.

All of these situations come despite the screen and trees near the 15th tee and despite all of the safety measures. Players near the 15th tee are still being put in danger by players from the 14th tee aiming over the 15th tee.

It is therefore that the Green’s Committee have proposed an out of bounds extension be made while playing the 14th hole. It is to include the 15th tee and an area of 50m by 25m of the 15th fairway and rough immediately in front of the 15th tee. This new ‘Out of Bounds’ will only apply to the 14th hole and not for any other hole. [The Green’s Committee have applied Decision 33 – 24/14 of the rules of golf].
This proposal will be trialed until March 2017 at which time its success or otherwise will be reviewed.

The new ‘Out of Bounds’ will be in play from Wednesday 14th of December.


Please use the suggestion book or tell a Board of Director member to record any near misses or hits to players in this area.

Jim Henry                              Margaret Cook                               Dave Ransom

Chairperson                          Ladies Captain                              Club Captain


12 thoughts on “New area of Out of Bounds on the 14th hole

  1. I honestly don’t see how making an area out of bounds increases the accuracy of the average golfer. I fail to see how this improves safety, since I cannot imagine that anyone deliberately uses the 15th tee and fairway as a route to the 14th green. What would be the point? Errant shots will still occur. The only difference is they will now be penalised. Using the same logic, one might just as well put the 14th fairway and rough in front of the 15th tee out of bounds as well.

    1. Just to add to my comment, it would seem to me that an approach much more likely to succeed would be to introduce a rule preventing players from teeing off on the 14th while the 15th tee is occupied.

      1. Thanks Michael, this seems to be a good positive suggestion. Your further idea of ringing a bell when you clear the 15th tee is also a simple easy to implement idea that would not need any changes to our course.

  2. My concern is children getting hit by a ball whilst playing foot golf. Putting out of bounds areas in will not alleviate the problem. A plebiscite might be in order.

    1. I am listening to what you are saying and thank you for your comments. Already the idea of a new OB has been put on the back burner.

  3. Dave,

    As a safety issue could we not move the fifteenth tee forward by 50 to 60 metres. I am aware we would have to re handicap the hole but this would be a safer resolution of the problem, because you can still be hit if it goes out of bounds.


    1. Thanks Keith, this is a possible solution but it would bring a significant change to the playing of one of the best holes, not only on our course, but in the Illawarra. I would like to try some other solution first.

  4. The greens committee would be much better off spending their time trying to have the ground staff keep the greens consistent rather than finding a way to further alienate the few A grade players left at Jamberoo.

    1. Thanks Bruce for your positive feedback. I believe we have already discussed the non-implementation of the OB area with you. I believe there is a space available on the greens committee that you could fill to put forward your suggestions.
      By the way, I feel the greens are in the best shape they have ever been and are no longer the slow, soft puddings that were presented to us in the past!

      Now Bruce, some good ideas from you would be appreciated. Your vast experience and well-known problem solving skills would be useful to us. What do you think of the ‘bell’ idea?

  5. Hi Keith….moving the Tee further forward is not going to solve a cracker..Some high handicappers, including myself, my even hit these guys on their second shots…we need to lengthen the course not reduce the yardage..Are we then going to introduce OOB on many other holes?Golf etiquette has sadly being missed by many golfers recently…not only with not calling FORE..but also people hitting other golfers balls, retrieving and picking up stray balls on occasions….some loud and annoying talking etc when others are playing their respective shots etc..Happened today on a couple of occasions to our group and unfortunately it is starting to happen quite regularly on first tee…. Ron Hewson.

  6. Dave, I believe the ” bell ” idea is a good solution , if the problem is as stated. I did a stint on the committee which I am unable to reconsider, thanks anyway. Up until todays game our group found the greens to be excellent , too bad the weather has not been co operative lately.

    1. Thanks Bruce for your insight and advice over the years and as I didn’t play today because of my back I appreciate you telling me about your experience with the greens today. They can get a little grainy at times I guess.
      I believe there may have been a problem with the irrigation piping with the main exploding near the 2nd green making it difficult to water the greens in the last week and perhaps thus to cut and roll the greens. I saw Martin at the course at 7pm tonight fixing the piping and then I noticed the automatic green watering taking place. Look forward to the usual quality in the next week. Cheers.

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