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Your opinion on the issue of safety on the 14th hole is sought. Please respond to the poll below.


12 thoughts on “Feedback – have your say

  1. Club Captain Dave. This is a storm in a “tee” cup. Your figure of 0.01percent incident rate speaks for itself. Thanks for the thankless job that you are doing for all of us members.

    1. Thanks Brian for your concern. I will pass your comment onto the Board member in charge of footgolf at the course, Sue Paul.

    1. Unfortunately your original comment didn’t arrive. I’ve just checked everywhere and it is nowhere to be found. Can you please resend the post as your opinion is most welcome.

  2. I firmly believe that there is nothing wrong with the 14th& 15th holes, as it is up to every player to be aware of his or her surroundings, & call FORE when hitting an errant shot. Golfers know the risks of playing golf ,& realise you can be struck by a golf ball on any hole on any course.
    That said my biggest concern is the mix of golf & footy golf, if a footy golfer is struck by a golf ball, Whilst running out of tree lines & bushes, as happened to me & my playing partner on the third hole. Legally who is responsible should the worst happen? Is it the golfer? the footy golfer? or the club?
    Regards LEW FULLER 663.

    1. Thanks Lew for your insights. Unfortunately quite a few are forgetting the simple golfing etiquette of calling ‘fore’ for errant tee shots. With the 15th hole travelling the same direction as the 14th this makes it is imperative that a call of ‘fore’ is used. Also players playing the 15th should stay near the safety screen until it is their turn to play and thus minimising the risk of a strike by a golf ball.
      As for the Footgolf issue, the same procedure applies as if a golfer is hit by another golfer. The person playing the shot needs to be identified so that any insurance claims can be determined and the golf office (or shop if the office is closed) must be informed so that claim forms etc. can be completed with alacrity. The club pays insurance premiums for any such occurrence so that the striking player is fully covered.
      Footgolfers often have not grasped the idea of golf etiquette and the danger of running out in front of others. Each footgolfer is given instruction on this before they play and Sue Paul will often travel around with a group of footgolfers keeping them in line. Generally golfers and footgolfers do not play the same parts of the course at the same time but a very badly sliced drive by a golfer on the 18th has a small potential of hitting somebody on the Footgolf 2nd. Of course this applies to golfers playing into the first green as well.
      It would also be appreciated if you could let myself, Sue Paul, Lance, or any Board member know of these situations when they arise so that appropriate procedures can be put into place. We need actual incidences (times and dates and places) not just hearsay.
      Again thanks for your input.

  3. Do not mix golf and footy golf.Its dangerous.Who is Jamberoos safety officer to be allowing this? Have we got one?.

    1. Jamberoo golf club is a golf club. The introduction of footgolf was to set up a new stream of revenue to offset a worrying decline in income from a lowering of the membership numbers in comps. Frankly the club was losing money and may have had to increase membership fees to over $600 just to cover costs. The board at the time considered this to be unacceptable and wanted to maintain an affordable membership fee. The parameters were that golf was to take precedence with all footgolf booked in at historically dead times of the day where little or no golf was played. No golfers were to use the same section of the course as footgolfers and care was taken by the starters to see that no overlap was to occur. It is my opinion that this in fact happens as I have only received 1 report of problems that may have arisen while golfers completed their round on 18.
      There is one social group of members who incorrectly assume that they can play the course whenever and wherever they like. They are reminded that the starter has control of the tees and if they are asked to start on the 10th then they should do so.
      Footgolf has proved to be popular and has saved members about $50 a year in membership fees already but is an aside to the main concern of the club which is golf.
      Yes we do have a OH&S committee with a chairperson. There is always room on it for one more interested member where he can correctly express his opinion.

  4. I am mystified how a social group can play our course wherever & whenever without the starter knowing? If you know who they are bring them to account.
    Regards LEW FULLER 663.

    1. I’m sorry Lew but perhaps I was unclear. This group are members who don’t play in comps but play socially together during non-comp days. This is part of their membership and I have no problem with that. I was hoping that they might read our discussion as I seem to miss them when they are the course.
      Thanks for your interest. If you see it happening please let me know.

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