Vets Xmas Hams Day- 19 December


The weather today was absolutely superb to play golf in our annual Xmas celebration. There was a light cloud cover and a gentle breeze as the 8.30 shotgun start time clicked over. The day included a free BBQ and drinks before the presentation got underway. Everyone appeared to enjoy themselves with a mix of good and not so good scores. Today’s winners were:

Division 1:
1st             Italo Baraldi                     40 points       Half Ham
2nd            Chris Goodwin                37                     Smoked Shoulder Ham
3rd             Brian O’Hare                    36 (c/b)          Ham off the Bone
4th             John Pringle                     36 (c/b)          Turkey breast
5th             Ron Chilby                        36                     Chook

Division 2:
1st             John Sutherland (RV)   45 points       Half Ham
2nd            Reg Wilson                       38                     Smoked Shoulder Ham
3rd             John Ellsmore                 37 (c/b)          Ham off the Bone
4th             Doug Perry                       37                     Turkey breast
5th             Al Thrower                       36                     Chook

Division 3:
1st             Daryl Back                         39 points       Half Ham
2nd            Col Shean                          38                     Smoked Shoulder Ham
3rd             Stu Potter                         36                     Ham off the Bone
4th             John Hinks                        35                     Turkey breast
5th             Richard Hoskins              34                     Chook

NTPs                      3rd John Ellsmore 233cm               9th R McLean 166cm
D&P                       8th Phil Lewis 98cm
Supershot           7th Jeff Quine 99cm

All other players who did not place in the top 5 in their Division will be credited with a golf ball onto their trophy account just for turning up.

If anyone wants to order a new vets shirt for 2017, please leave your details with Bill Hodgson or with whoever is looking after the Golf Shop.

Special thanks to Margaret Stephens and Robin Gregson for cooking the sausages over a hot BBQ, for preparing the home made salads and for the excellent service. Thanks also to Lance Fredericks who gave up playing today to help in the starters shed to get everyone out onto the course, to then head off and buy the rolls, start the BBQ, buy the beer, buy the ice and get it chilled all before the rest of us finished and to then serve us all a cold one at the end of the day, with a smile.

Chris Goodwin


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