News From the Course 28th January


Sprig Marks on the Greens

With the greens being very soft at the moment due to the amount of water needed to keep them healthy, many sprig and foot-marks are being left on the greens especially near the holes. Let’s all make an effort to tap down any of these you notice as you complete your putting.

We all need to make this effort so that our greens can continue to be fair for all of the field.

You should also look for unrepaired pitch marks as well which continue to be a problem.

February Changes

From the 1st of February handicap grades are changing slightly. A grade is moving to handicaps of 13 or less, B grade 14-19, C grade 20-26 and D grade 27-36.

The way the DSR is calculated by golflink is also changing slightly where a good round will be recognised more in handicap calculations.

For stableford competitions a new first place overall prize will also be added.

Pennant teams are picked and ready for action

Next weekend sees the Golf Illawarra Pennant season start for all 4 of our teams. C Pennant have the home game starting at 9.20am. B Pennant are away at the Grange, and both White Horse Cups are travelling, the Reds at Vincentia and the cowpats at Port Kembla.

The club wishes all teams the best of luck and good fortune.

Weekly Results

Saturday 28 January 2017 – Men’s Stableford

A Grade Winner  Tony Rodriguez 43 pts

B Grade Winner   Shane Townsend 40 pts  2nd Place   Bernie McGlinchey 39 pts (c/b)

3rd Place Tony McRae 39 pts

C Grade Winner   Michael Burton 40 pts  2nd Place  Paul Tucker 39 pts  3rd Place Vince Byrnes 38 pts (c/b)

D Grade Winner   Keith Hales 36 pts

Ladies Stableford – Winner  Marie Farrant 36 pts

Thursday 26 January 2017 – Australia Day Stableford

Winner  Tony Panecasio 37 pts (c/b)   2nd Place  Peter Hughes 37 pts (c/b)

Wednesday 25 January 2017 – Stableford

A Grade Winner Ray Orr 40 pts

B Grade Winner  Ian Lewis 41 pts (c/b) 2nd  Toby Bartle 41 pts

C Grade Winner    Laurie Fogarty 42 pts 2nd  Michael Sheridan 40 pts

D Grade Winner    Barry Plucknett 37 pts

Eagle on the 12th Steve Rippon

Tuesday 24 January 2017 – Ladies Stableford

Winner Margaret Cook 36 pts


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