News from the Course, 4th February

Pennants set to start

2016 combined White Horse Cup
2016 White Horse Cup teams – looking for further success in 2017

Sunday the 5th sees our 4 pennant teams set to play their round 1 matches.

B Pennant are playing away at the Grange and are up against the strong Shoalhaven Heads team. Our boys all seem to be in form so I am expecting a good result from the team.

C Pennant are at home and play against Kiama. Kiama are a traditionally strong team and we will have to be on our game to come away with the result. The result of this match also determines the winner of the ‘Town and Country’ Cup, the annual competition between Kiama and Jamberoo for play in the C Pennant. Kiama hold the Cup at present.

The White Horse Cup Red team are away at Vincentia and play against Nowra golf club. Our team is bristling with new talent and ready to unleash.

The White Horse Cup ‘Cowpats’ are playing at Port Kembla against St George’s Basin Golf Club. The Basin team are very competitive and should give our team a good match. The Cowpats are defending the title and are keen to start well.

Good luck and play well to all teams.

Care of the Course

There are some simple things that members can do to help maintain the course in this extremely dry period we are going through presently.

Divot holes, pitch and scuff marks on greens are still causing some trouble and need your attention.

  • Please use your sand bucket to fill any divot hole you see on the course and not just your own. Try and use two or three bucket loads throughout your round.
  • Look for any pitch marks and repair them, even those caused by chip shots. If time permits try and repair two or three per hole. The preferred method is to lift from the outside of the mark and push in, and then tap down with your putter.
  • Be careful where you tread around the green. If you scrape the surface with your spikes, after you have finished putting, repair the marks by tapping the damaged surface down with your putter.

These simple things can help improve the playing conditions for all members. It’s your club so help out.

Cart Drivers caught red-handed

When you are using a motorised cart there are some safety concerns that you should be aware of. The cart is built for 2 and it is dangerous to give a third player a lift by letting them hold on to the back as there is a real risk the plastic frame or the bolts holding the frame to the cart will break.

Several carts have been damaged by this behaviour in the past costing the club several hundred dollars in each case. If this damage occurs when you have responsibility of the cart then you will be billed for the repair costs as per the cart hire agreement you sign each time you hire the cart.

If you want to give a mate a lift from the 14th green to the 15th tee then simply drive your passenger first to the tee and then come back for your other mate.

Don’t let anybody piggy back on the cart.

Already some members have been warned.

Practice on the Course

Members are reminded that no player shall play more than 2 balls while practising on the course, even at dusk. Players may not practice by pitching to any green (see page 9 of the new programme book).

We have a good practice area where balls can be hit. Please use this if you desire to hit multiple balls in practice.

Marking of Cards

If you are not sure how to record your score on the card ask one of your partners for help. Failing that, just record how many strokes you have scored on each hole and let the duty scorer assist you when you return to the club house to enter the scores in the computer.

If you want an example of how your card should look, then look at how the computer has recorded the scores before you press update. The score you had on the front nine is recorded against ‘OUT’, and the score you had on the back nine is recorded against ‘IN’. Add these together to get your total score.

Free Tickets to The Premier’s Gala Concert

Marilyn and Bill Hodgson have very kindly put up tickets to the 2017 Premier’s Gala Concert to be held on Wednesday 8th March @ 2.15pm. These tickets are free of charge and are available until 21st February.

Please contact Marilyn or Bill on 0407 009 924 if you are interested.

This Week’s Results

Saturday 4 February 2017 -Men’s Golf Mart Monthly Medal

A Grade: Winner Con Kiayias  63 nett,  2nd Mark  Cassel 64 nett

B Grade: Winner Jim Henry 64 nett  c/b, 2nd  Brian Underwood 64 nett

C Grade: Winner  Kevin O’Rourke 61 nett,  2nd   Peter Hughes 63 nett

D Grade:  Winner John Corr 67 nett

Best Gross Mark Cassel 72

Ladies Golf Mart – Stroke

Winner:  Margaret Cook 67 nett

Thursday 2 February 2017 – Lady Vets Stableford

Winner:   Marie Rodgers 40 Pts (c/b);  2nd: Jenelle Anderson 40 Pts; 3rd: Lyn Walker 37 Pts

Wednesday 1 February 2017 – Drummond Golf Stableford

A Grade Winner:   Greg Tarrant 40 pts

B Grade Winner:   George Goor 39 pts  (c/b),  2nd Place  John Brand 39 pts (c/b)

C Grade Winner:   Michael Bartlett 44 pts,   2nd Place  Mark Fisher 40 pts

D Grade Winner:   Bill Lay 37 pts,   2nd Place  Peter Oldfield 36 pts (c/b)

Drummond Golf Voucher Winner:  Michael Bartlett 44 pts

Tuesday 31 January 2017 – Ladies Stableford

Winner: Lynne Beringer 36 pts


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