C Pennant Team Successful

The Jamberoo C Pennant team were successful today defeating the Grange 4-1 to claim first place in their division. They play St George’s Basin next week in the semi-final at Moss Vale. A full report  by team captain Chris Leckey follows.

4 of the C Pennant Sharks:
Jim Henry, Chris Leckey, Tim Young and Dave Ransom

C Pennant Report

Round 6

“The C Sharks can smell blood in the water”

Jamberoo 4 Vs The Grange 1

Congratulation’s goes to the Sharks as they have qualified for this year’s finals by winning their division against runners up The Grange. This means we play the runners up in the other division of the C Pennant Draw’ that being St Georges Basin.

Today’s results were, Tim 3/2, Chris 4/3, Andrew and Ron halved their matches and Tony won 5/3.

The season has been long and very competitive, with most teams in with a chance of making the finals up until last week.

Our team of Tim Young, Andrew Ball, Ron Chilby, David Ransom, Jim Henry, Tony McRae and Chris Leckey have all represented the club with pride and passion and have put us in the position of being one game away from the final.

So it’s off to Moss Vale next Sunday, where Jamberoo will be very well represented as the B’s and WHC boys will be final bound as well.

Go Jamberoo!










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