Pennant Finals

Unfortunately all three teams were unsuccessful in today’s finals. A great effort was put in by all players and the matches could not have been closer. Each match was determined on the last green and in the case of the White Horse Cup in playoff holes.

The B Pennant stood at 2 matches each with only the number ones still on the course. The Grange number one was able to play a good hole to withstand the challenge of Adrian Bell to claim the Pennant 3-2.

The same situation arose in the C Pennant with Jamberoo number one, Tim Young, needing to win the last to claim the pennant. The Links player was up to the challenge and claimed victory for his team to win 3-2.

The White Horse Cup was even closer with both the top 2 players forced into a playoff. Scott Hainsworth and Mark Cassal both played well but firstly Mark on the 19th and then Scott on the 20th succumbed with Kiama winning the Pennant.

It was a magnificent effort by all teams in reaching the final and it was so very close to Jamberoo bringing home all the trophies. Well played to the winning clubs.

It was very encouraging to see the number of Jamberoo members there to support our teams and the players were truly appreciative of their attendance.

I would like to congratulate each representative player this season who did so with pride, determination and in the true spirit of how golf should be played. A special thank-you is given to the team captains for their commitment to the club and their team-mates.

Dave Ransom


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